What is Ruby on Rails

Ruby is a programming language and ruby on rails is a name given to the framework that has been written in the Ruby language. Working on the concepts of MVC, it is one of the popular frameworks that are used in the modern day web app development. Ruby on Rails Online Training will tell you everything that can help you learn the language in a great way and implement it in development of applications that are the best in every way.

You will learn that rails is made up of a variety of conventions as well as structures that are brought together for creating a web based application in Ruby On Rails Training in Seattle. In order to make it easy for the developers, rails also offers a widest library that you can use as a developer to create the ruby on rails based web applications. When you use rails, a thoroughly tested code can be easily implemented for adding to the dynamics of the website or the mobile application.

Although it is possible to use ruby separately, but rails has a certain features which can be easily used for collaborating with other parts of the project and ensuring that your application is well maintained. So if you are trying to perform some activity with the code, no matter if ruby is used or not, you can simply go the inbuilt library, segregate what you need and with the little bit of modification, your code will be ready.

Since rails are altogether a huge topic to understand, its definitions have been classified from different perspectives and on the basis of activities it performs.

Rails are a framework that helps in the generation of files written in HTML, CSS, Ruby, etc. A developer will see rails as a library where a variety of files are kept together keeping in mind some fixed structures and patterns. Although the structure remains same in case of every code that you write to create an application, certain level of editing can be done as and when needed…

There are many reasons that make the ruby on rails special in comparison to other options and one of such things is the metaprogramming. In this type of programming, the process of first writing the code and then testing it is eliminated. It is interesting to know that rails is one of those frameworks which helps in inculcating the process of code and web testing as a whole a part of the web development. With platforms like Test Driven Development, it got widely accepted amongst the developers.

Another interesting feature is scaffolding. Scaffolding is the process where you write some temporary code but you don’t have to do that ruby on rails as it automatically gives you this from its library. You can easily modify and edit it the way you want. It will eliminate the need of writing a lot of code and thus the work will be done with ease also ensuring that the errors are kept to the minimal level.


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