5 Healthcare Careers You’ve Probably Not Considered

There are certain careers in the field of healthcare that immediately come to mind, such as doctors, specialists, and nurses. But there are also several healthcare careers that you have probably not considered. These are great opportunities to make a great living and really love what you do, so keep reading for a list of five careers in the realm of healthcare that you should consider if you want to help others.


1.      Medical Scribe

In the past, a doctor’s main role was to focus solely upon the patient and his or her care. But with the advancement of technology, particularly with the electronic health record (EHR), doctors are now overloaded with the responsibilities of documenting the important information about their patients. This is where a medical scribe steps in. When you become a scribe, you’ll basically be working as a personal assistant to a doctor. You’ll record information in the EHR, as well as gather information for a patient’s exam so that better care can be delivered.

2.      Respiratory Therapist

A field within healthcare that is growing is that of respiratory therapy. This means that there’s an increased need for respiratory therapists, who are also known as RTs. You will work as part of an anesthesiology team, monitoring patients during surgeries. You will even be qualified to work in areas that help diagnose sleep disorders, or you can work in a rehab department, emergency setting, or home care setting, so there are a lot of options to choose from.

3.      Pedorthist

A pedorthist makes customized shoes, as well as other footwear, specifically for individuals who suffer with everything from hammertoes, arthritis, and diabetes, to bunions, flat feet, and other conditions. You will have to study the anatomy of the foot, as well as foot pathology, shoe construction, shoe modification, biomechanics, and footwear materials, fabrication, and fitting. But once you have this education, you will help people walk better.

4.      Healthcare Manager

If you want to enter the medical field but you prefer to take a business approach to your career, you can become a healthcare manager. You will work at a healthcare facility, taking care of tasks that range from budgeting and accounting, to data analysis, risk management, and HR. Many people get their start in this field by getting their master’s of science in nursing.

5.      Medical Machinist

As a medical machinist, you will be able to work on constructing and fixing various pieces of medical equipment. This means that you can play an important role in delivering the products that medical professionals use to save lives, improve patient care, and help people feel their best. If you get your associate’s degree in a field like biomedical engineering, you can start working in this exciting field, but if you want to go further, you should get your bachelor’s degree.

These five career paths are just a few of the many that are available within the world of healthcare. If you want to take on a less traditional role while helping people feel better, definitely consider the options above.

Using Online Education To Advance Your Career

Building a career is much like developing a successful product. Incredible attention has to be paid to how you develop and market your brand. In your marketing program, your valuable product is you, so you can assume this is a pretty significant marketing operation. You know yourself and your strengths better than anyone. Developing those marketable strengths while employed is a challenge on your time. One of the best current strategies for developing new strengths is to use the online education system to seek greater supporting knowledge and qualifications within your chosen field. From certificates of achievement to pursuing an MBA, online educators are lining up with offers to help you achieve academic success. What are the online education portals and what are their strengths?

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is a for-profit online university, offering associates, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. The school offers open-enrollment into over 100-degree programs. Students of the online university use online resources, library books, textbooks, and other course material to complete their work solely online. Though accused of lacking rigor in the structure of its degree programs, the structure suits the needs of enrolled students by offering extreme flexibility and affordability.

World Campus

Penn State’s online education solution is a direct representation of Penn State’s on-campus degrees. Offering online undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs, Penn State’s World campus is ranked as one of the top ten undergraduate and graduate programs out of hundreds online. Penn State was a pioneer in the online field, offering some of the first online degree and certificate programs. Penn State has over 125 programs, taught by the same faculty who teach on-campus. The programs provide significant cost and flexibility solutions, and the graduates are highly sought after in the fields in which they are educated.

Harvard business school

Harvard offers a broad array of courses and degree seeking programs through its online access point. Some are simple non-credentialed courses focused on higher learning for the benefit of being a more well-rounded individual intellectually. Other courses are offered for the purpose of earning credits toward a degree, and others still, are provided as a single course to obtain a direction. From learning to better understand the elections process to understanding a computer programming language, to understanding the strategic frameworks for nonprofit organizations the courses are broadly arrayed and highly developed. If you are cost conscious, Harvard may not be a direction you would consider, but the value of any education from Harvard, by name alone, is worth it.

Washington State

Offering concentrations in; marketing, finance, international business, and hospitality, WSU offers professionals the opportunity to grow their marketability, skills, and acumen in a top 25 ranked online MBA program. There is career and personal flexibility within the programs allowing you to complete the entire degree in a quick 22 months at a reasonable cost.

Any of these four can and will benefit you as you develop your favorite product, you. Putting in the time to complete your online education will have significant personal and monetary benefits for you as you further your career.

Why is nursing a great career option?

Nursing is a dignified and rewarding career option, which allows you to help people, who need some medical attention. The joys and moral satisfaction that comes from serving someone can be highly gratifying and pleasing. Further, it has high earning potential as well.


Let’s walk you through what makes nursing is a great career option?

Being a nurse can be very exciting for both man and women. With the mortality rate at its lowest and the everyday advancement in the field of medical science, it is a career that has a lot to offer. If you’re a skilled nurse; technically and practically sound, you’ll always be in demand. And, this career doesn’t shut down your doors of success; you can study to be a medical assistant, or even a doctor while working as a nurse.

Nursing makes you a better individual by incorporating some human values in you. You’ll discover the value of life when you see patients fighting to stay alive. Every breath is a gift of God, and no one understands this better than an individual who is nursing a dying patient all day and night. People with high values, respect for human lives, and sympathy for patients are ones most likely to pick this line of traffic.

As a nurse, you have the opportunity to learn throughout your life. You can request the hospital authority to switch your department frequently to gain more knowledge. From nurturing newborn babies in the infant center to taking care of patients who have cancer; learning has no final destination here! After years of experience, you also get a job in nursing schools to coach new nurses and share your knowledge with them, so, that they can go out to serve the society better than you. Nursing is a perfect career for you if you love challenges and also want to gain more knowledge about the human body. It is going to be a lot of fun and thrills in your bid to serve the civilization as a nurse

Do you think job security is a key concern when comes to nursing? It is mistaken belief! Why? The global or local recession won’t hit you; no hospital throws out nurses when there’s recession, like an IT or a real estate firm. To your good fortune, (if you take nursing just as a profession) patients keep coming; hospitals run normally, and health care investments are also not hindered by an economic downturn. If anything, stress and tensions are at its peaks during the financial slump, meaning more people will fall sick, ensuring that you have a lot of lot of work during this period. You will always enjoy job security all the time, even if there is a slight crack on your pay.

If you have made up your mind to take up nursing as a career, we are sure that Finding nursing schools near me will be the most pressing question on your mind. The answer is simple; scrutinize the virtual world of information, contact you’re known in the health care field, visit nursing schooling centering before inking an admission form.

Learn How to Memorize Quickly

Memory is a subject that we don’t talk about enough, although it is a process that we use on a daily basis. Whether it’s for school, studying, speeches or presentations, we’re constantly memorizing things. Yet, we’re never actually taught how to do this properly. You may have your own techniques that you’ve developed along the way, to make this process quicker and more efficient, but you might be hearing about this for the first time. So how do you actually focus on training your memory and become better after each session of memorizing?


Memorize Backwards

If you want to memorize the base or outline of a speech, lecture or a presentation, try the from-the-end technique. This technique can be applied with writing as well, as we’ve learned from custom essay writing professionals online. The essence of this technique lies in starting from the last sentence. Read it and get it into your memory through repetition. After you’ve done this, add the sentence before the last to it. Put them all into perspective, and make a unit of it and memorize it. Read, repeat. You will be surprised at how easy it actually is to learn backwards. It’s even easier for many than going from the very start.

Memorizing Dialogues

If you have the task of memorizing a certain paragraph only, or a dialogue, don’t focus on your section only. Not only is it out of context, it’s going to be extremely difficult to catch onto the essence. You have to also know when to hit your cue, and that can be tricky if you don’t know the parts that go before and after you. If you’re trying to sharpen up your memorizing skills for studies like this, start by memorizing backwards, but don’t stop once you’ve reached the beginning of your paragraph. Continue and learn a couple of sentences that lead up to your paragraph. That way you will know when your part is coming up and deliver it with utmost grace, and actually understand the entire context much better.

Memorizing Movements

In particular, we’re talking about memorizing dance. You can be great at studying for dialogues and presentations, but you can be equally unsuccessful at learning dance movements. This is because some people just aren’t capable of quickly learning a dance or adapting to certain sport. Our first technique, from-the-end, can be applied to dancing too. So if you have a dance event coming up or a wedding, and you’re worried your two left feet are going to ruin it all, try it. Also, dance is all about adding onto what you have previously learned. Focus on learning the first couple of steps, and repeating them until you’ve got them perfect. Eventually, your muscles are going to memorize them and you’ll do them instinctively. Then keep on adding to what you have learned so far and make sure not to take on more than you can handle.

It’s also good to think about your body and try to memorize where each part of your body is supposed to go. Try to grasp the bigger picture, and focus on coordinating your leg and arm movements, so that they actually make sense every time you do it.

Memorizing Speeches

If you’ve ever heard a live speech or had to give one, you know that improvisation is key to a great speech. Memorized speeches sound less natural, and aren’t that engaging. It makes you sound like a robot. But, you still have to memorize it in a certain way right? For speeches focus more on memorizing the outline and the basics of it, rather than focusing on memorizing each and every word. It’s all about truly understanding the speech, who you are talking to and why you are doing this. Make sure to mention all the important details, and don’t get names wrong, but the rest of it should be improvisation. Don’t sound like a robot! Put some thought and emotion into it, and you’ll spark so much more attention.

Memory Conclusion

So what have we learned about memorizing so far? We have learned that people can learn to LEARN everything: dance, speeches, presentations, dialogues, lyrics and lectures. You think of it, it can be done. But there is a certain approach you have to think with different types of material that is going to enable you to learn faster and make the delivery much nicer than it would be if you would simply cram the text without understanding. Try approaching your studies backwards next time, and give your memory a thrill. Give it some time as well. Every new habit needs time to develop and become easier.


Tips For Staying Healthy if You Work on A Cruise Ship

Cruise ship living is a lifestyle that is far from easy, but it sure is a lot of fun. The amount of fun that you have is largely determined by the job that you’re filling on the ship. Cruise ships are like floating cities. The opportunities to do things as a guest on the ship are unlimited and because a ship is providing so many opportunities for guests, that means there are a lot of opportunities for employment.

If you’re considering working on a cruise ship, the jobs range from being an art auctioneer for Park West Gallery to working in kitchens, to playing music, to working rock walls. Whatever you like do, there is probably an opening on a cruise line to do it. Now a lot of people have complaints that it’s hard to stay healthy when you work on a cruise line because you’re so busy and the ingredients made available aren’t always the freshest…but it is possible to stay healthy if you follow these tips:

Slot Gym Time

There are a million activities on a cruise ship that will keep you active, so just find one that you like and do it. You’ll be really busy working, but if you have an active job on the ship, that’s your gym time right there. In other cases, slot gym time, take classes with your coworkers and make it like it’s part of the job. Your body, your mind, and your spirit will thank you for it. Staying active will help you have the energy to do your job, and it’s also a great way to burn off some work stress.

Never Lose Your Water Bottle

Being out at sea takes a lot out of you. This is especially true if you’re working out on the deck and in the sun, but it’s true for any position because of the long hours on your feet. If you want to stay healthy while you’re away, never lose your water bottle. Carry with you wherever you go, and set goals for yourself. The more water you drink, the better you’ll feel. Dehydration leads to a lot of issues, so this is of utmost importance.

Limit Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is your enemy. It tastes great and you might be addicted to it, but it actually causes cancer and it causes your body a lot of other issues. When you’re on a cruise ship, the temptation to eat a lot of sugar will be high, but just be smart about your intake. Live a little, but focus on veggies and proteins. Your body will feel so much better and you’ll be able to get a lot more work done.

However, there are times to splurge a bit…when you’re in Italy, eat the gelato…life calls for you to break the rules sometimes.

Academic tips for writing assignment in less time

Assignment writing has always been an important tactic to judge the learning ability of students. After the examination, the writing assignment is a useful and more applicable to control the annual or semi-annual progress of a student.

When it comes to writing a final work, students get frustrated or worried because they have to give attention to the other core subject. In this difficult time, students have a need for assistance and help them achieve their goals. This article will enlighten those ways that can help students write their custom assignments in less time.

  • The first tip is to find a strong purpose for the evaluation criteria. This will give you a land on which your task may be.
  • A collection of information is the next major step towards writing an assignment. Lectures, notes, and other comprehensive textbooks or magazines can help a lot.
  • Take notes on what was collected or harvested.
  • The structure should always keep in mind that normally is awarded to students. The general assignment includes; title page, a brief summary, table of contents, the main body and the conclusion, which is then followed by, references, bibliography, and appendices.
  • A form of standard is always used for the writing of a particular assignment topic. Ask your tutor for help in this regard.
  • Write your first draft for your assignment, it will tell you the basic obstacles that can probably be addressed by the students. It will also give an idea about the time you may need to write your full charge.
  • Review your homework before yourself, and then let someone else read it for you. Proof then listens carefully to the comments.
  • Write bibliography that will reflect your research work but also help readers to gain access to the sources.


A task, no matter what type or subject you are writing about, it must be re-read to all costs. This is a better way to control all the possible mistakes you have made and you can make a significant change to it. Here are some tips for reviewing, editing and polishing an assignment…

Give yourself material quality, to begin with: If you are writing an essay, term paper, thesis, or dissertation courses, each task requires enough time and writing sharp, as well as the skills you seek. Before you write, your job makes sure to have quality material and enough knowledge to start your assignment.

Give yourself plenty of time to review: No matter how good you are writing your job, you definitely make some mistakes in writing your assignment and eventually because of less time; students present their assignment, without correction. Make sure you have enough time to review your assignment after completing it.

Spell- check and grammarcheck: These are the most common mistakes that a student has done and for this, he or she will be able to get good grades. Not heavily rely on spell checking software. Read and re-read your post several times in order to remove all spelling errors, grammar and punctuation that you have made when writing your job.

Edit on Screen: Microsoft Word will help you remove your mistakes 90%, but before the press, the final copy read it again or asks someone else to read it. A fresh eye will take your writing mistakes easily, which you forgot to note, at the time of proofreading.

Print and read aloud: After editing on screen, print the paper and read aloud. The reading aloud will help you control the paper flow more accurately. Re-check the assignment and make sure that your task is to fulfill all the requirements of your teacher.

In the end, assignment to write not only helps students to develop their writing skills but with the writing, activities help students assignment will able to understand about their particular area of study more deeply.


3 Ways to Make Yourself A Better Artist Today

The world is home to a lot of artists. Thank goodness for that, because without them, the world would be a much uglier place. Artists take things that are thought to be unusable and ugly, and they make them into something to be admired. Artists also take the odds and ends of life and put them together to create spectacular installations and works of art that improve society and make that which is around them better.

People admire artists for what they do, but often label them as the freaks of society. It’s often not until an artist has undergone mass scrutiny and even passed onto the next world before their contribution to society is even recognized.

Realize What You Do and Don’t Need

Artists are often the Wizard of Oz in society. They spend their lives making sure that what is in front of the curtain is a perfect and seamless orchestration. Behind the curtain, things can be seen falling apart. They also say that artists are prone to addiction. People latch onto anything that takes them out of their consciousness to create something.

Whether it be truth or myth that substance use enhances the creative mind, the reality of the matter is that there are many ways to make yourself a better artist today that don’t have the repercussions of consciousness altering substances. The first step to becoming a better artist today is realizing that you have it in you. You do need things like discipline and innovation. You don’t need help from things that will steal your ability to create anything in the end.

Open Your Eyes

There is a common phrase that talks about how people need to go about life with an open mind. While this is true, that’s a path that can lead to dangerous things pretty quickly. It might be a much better idea to go about life with open eyes. All the light in the world does a blind man no good…if you’re walking around without really looking at the world around you, your art will reflect that. When you see things but you keep your wits about you and don’t accept everything at face value, your art will hold more meaning and impact.


You’ve heard this from day one. If you want to become good at anything, you must practice. Practice makes perfect, right? Well, nothing can be perfect, but it is the imperfections that make things beautiful. If you desire to become a better artist today, know that whatever you put your hand or mind to must be approached with full focus, intention, and discipline. Develop a lifestyle that incorporates practice and you’ll find that you can do anything.

5 Good Reasons to Sell Textbooks Online

Your textbooks probably cost you and arm and a leg and when the semester is finally over, you may be left with books you will never use again.  Of course there are some books that you may want to keep as reference texts in the future, but there are others that you may no longer want to hold on to.  One of the best things you can do is to sell your used text books where you can get some money back for them.  Of course it will not be the full amount for which you purchased them, but it will be something that you can plug back into buying books for the coming semester.  If you are looking for reasons why it is a good idea to sell textbooks online, here are just a few:


  1. You get to de-clutter – If you keep all your textbooks semester after semester, you will soon have a bookshelf overflowing with books you are most likely not going to use again. Clutter has a way of shrinking a room and making it look untidy and an overflowing bookshelf is no exception.  Get rid of the old books by selling them online and make room for the books you actually use.  If you need to look something up in the future, you can always use the internet or visit your local library.
  2. It’s quick and convenient – The lines at the college bookstore at the end and beginning of the semester can be daunting at best. You can end up spending an hour or more just waiting in line to make a sale. Selling online is a lot more convenient and time saving since all you have to do is put in the ISBN and you will find out if you can sell it and you will get a quote as well.  If you agree on pricing, you simply drop off the books at the mailing point and wait for your money.
  3. Cash for the next semester’s books – One of the best things about selling your books online is that you get to have some money in your pocket to go into the next semester’s textbook selection. As mentioned earlier, you will not get 100% back, but you will get a good portion that will reduce the amount you need to pay for the following semester’s textbooks.
  4. Sell books that are not in perfect condition – When you sell textbooks at your college bookstore, you will likely find that a book with some minor damage may not be acceptable. Online, however, you may be able to find a company that will take your books as they are; even if they need a little fixing.
  5. You get to help other students – When you sell textbooks that you are done with online, you can be sure that other students will purchase them at a good rate. You will have helped them purchase books at a discounted rate making college a lot more affordable for them. You can also turn around and purchase used books online as well and become a beneficiary of others who have done the same.


Growing Trend of Distance Education in India

Distance education was first commissioned in 1962 in India. The concept of distance educationgradually picked up momentum. Distance learning allows students to get a degree without being physically present in the classroom. It facilitates learning through online notes and course material.

Over the years distance education in India has grown into a dynamic mode of learning and teaching, with increasing number of educational institutions opening up to it.Universities and colleges have begun to collaborate with each otherto widen their offerings to meet the growing need for higher education. The study material is prepared by the universities and is sent to the students. However, with the progress in technology, universities have found new and innovative ways to make the process more interactive thereby, increasing the value of distance education.

Advantages of distance education

The best thing about a distancelearning course is that it allows you to study at your convenience. It doesn’t matter which part of the country you are in, you can get the education of your choice without having to relocate. Distance learning coursesgive you the freedom to take your own pace while pursuing a course. It allows you to get the degree you want without disturbing your everyday routine.

Another great advantage of distance learning courses is that they are affordable. Distance education is comparatively cheaper than joining a traditional college, especially if you want to pursue courses like MBA,which are usually costly.

Distance educationgives you the liberty to continue with your current job or take care of your family while getting a degree. There are some challenges ofdistancelearning, but with the internet shrinking the world, the trend of distance educationin India is on a rise.



Why Online Schooling May Be Your Best Option And How To Be Successful At It

When you decide to go back to school, whether you’re just in your twenties or you are much older, you may be pondering what type of schooling is right for you, not just what you should go to school for. Sometimes thinking about going to college as an older adult can be scary, but with the internet there are more options than just sitting in a classroom with teenagers.

You can decide to go to college online, which can help you avoid looking awkward at any age, but it takes a good deal of drive and discipline to attend college online. You need to be great with time management and serious about successfully completing school or it could end up being a big waste of time and money.

Time Management Skills

Attending college online, from home, can be more difficult than attending class in person. You need to push yourself to manage your time wisely, and you won’t have time in class to do work, or a teacher to remind you to get next week’s assignment done.

You need to start my making sure that you are always attending your online seminars on time. Just because you aren’t attending school in a normal classroom doesn’t mean you don’t have classes to attend, and you may still get docked for tardiness if you aren’t signed in on time. Set a reminder alarm on your phone or computer if you need to.

You may also want to keep a planner that helps remind you when assignments are due. This is a great way to ensure that you are always turning things in on time.

Don’t Just Wing It

Remember, you are paying just as much in tuition (and you may want to get a job with that degree so you can pay back your school loans) as you would be going to a traditional brick and mortar college, so you still want to put your all into your education. The better you do on the path toward your degree the better your chances of getting a career with your degree.

Do your assignments, study, and make time for school. As an adult your life is busy. You might have kids, a spouse, a full-time job, friends, and maybe even a hobby. However, your education needs to at least be tied with the things that are number one in your life. If it isn’t you just might not succeed.

You can be a successful adult student, you just need to put your mind to it. Make sure you have the support of your family as well, because an unsupportive spouse could also be the cause of failure.

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