Tips For Diving Into The Real World After College

Making the transition from college to the real world can be a strange experience when you aren’t prepared for it.  While college is still very much an adult experience it isn’t quite the real world.  You are still in a structured and controlled environment and your days are predictable for the most part.

When you dive into the real world, however, an entirely new string of real-world problems and challenges present themselves and you start to realize that life, as you knew it before, has forever changed.  It can be confusing about what to do and what not to do since the real world certainly doesn’t come with an instruction manual.   You can only do the very best that you can in a new world.  Here are some tips for making sure that you don’t fall into problems.

Don’t Get Yourself Wrapped Up In Credit Cards

One of the biggest mistakes that students fresh out of college make is getting themselves a new credit card and using it carelessly causing themselves to wind up with bad credit.  This isn’t a great way to start your new life as an adult as your credit score is a huge determining factor as to whether you will get approved for your first place to rent or not.

Not only does your credit score influence your approval for contracts but it can add a lot of stress to your life as you allow the interest to add up and find yourself in a mountain of debt at a young age.  Your young years are for enjoying yourself.  Rather than cause yourself to be worried about additional debt other than your student loans, save yourself the stress and learn how to use credit wisely.

Live Near Your Family

Many people are so excited to start anew and make an independent life for themselves away from their old life when they lived with their parents that they rush into moving away too fast.  They are so eager for the change and independence that they fail to see the other side of the spectrum which is that moving far from your familiar faces and safety net can be quite jolting after the initial excitement.

Moving slowly gives yourself the ability to slowly transition into your new life and will yield better results.  You may be ready to run from the nest but you will find that after a while you value your family and friends very much and long for your familiar settings.  Appreciate what you have and don’t forget that living near your family can be a huge help if you ever need emotional support.

Be Patient About Your Career

Remember that success takes time.  Don’t expect to dive head first into the real world and be a millionaire overnight.  Success takes patience and consistent effort. Stick with it and don’t get frustrated!

Group Activities For Troubled Teens

Building true collaboration in programs for troubled teens is a high priority item, as it will lead to more success among the group. Studies show that collaboration and teamwork increase effort, motivation, and retention. But getting teens to work together is more challenging than just asking them to “find a partner” or to “work as a team.”

Using these basic principles from Woodcreek Academy can help you structure group activities that really get results.

Give Them An Interesting Problem To Solve
Group participants will check out if the task is either too easy or two hard. You might start with interest surveys to find out what they are interested in. Structure an activity that requires everyone’s help to solve a problem. For example, in a bootcamp for boys, one group activity is that the group must move every member through a small hole in a network of vertical ropes tied together. This task requires that participants help each other, listen to individual voices, and collectively work to solve the problem.

Make The Task Relevant
Another idea is to provide a list of items and tell participants that they can keep only 10 items on the list that they think they can use to survive a harsh winter in the wilderness. Again, the problem is compelling and they have to work together to come up with the ten items. In a school for troubled teens the responses will vary widely based on their range of experiences, which can be used to process effective ways for groups to work together.


5 Advantages of Attending Trade School

Getting any form of higher education is a costly affair that often begs the question, ‘Is it worth it?’ The truth is that the choices you make will determine whether it was worth the investment or not. The most important thing is going to school and doing what you love to do based on the outcome you desire to see. There are two main routes that you can take to the next step in your life – College or Trade School.  What’s the difference?

College vs. Trade School

Whereas colleges focus on offering a more broad based education, trade school programs are quite specific to the particular trade. A broad knowledge base is enriching and can be useful; however, the education you get may not be specifically related to your career path. As you weigh your options between college and trade school, you should consider visiting FindMyTradeSchool.comto see which trade schools are in your State and the programs they offer. In the meantime, here are some advantages of trade school.

Advantages of Trade School

  1. Excellent Earning Potential – One of the things that each person considers before investing in an education is the ROI (Return on Investment). You want to be sure that after you have spent your hard earned money, or taken a school loan, you will get a job that pays well. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York carried out research that showed that about 27% of those who had a certificate or license that was industry specific actually earned more than people with a Bachelor’s degree. Additionally, people with credentials that they attained fast and that were focused to a particular career or skills that were in demand e.g. healthcare, actually made about $4,000 – $19,000 more every year on average than those who had an associate’s degree and had studied the humanities.
  2. Employability and great job prospects – Did you know that most jobs only require that you have 2 years and sometimes less, of vocational training. Most people want to hire someone who is able to practically apply the knowledge they have. That is skill. They are looking for a person who can both think and do.
  3. Convenience and speed – As you go through comyou will realize that most trade school programs take between a few months and 2 years to complete. This is because the education they offer is very streamlined focusing on what is relevant to your career path. You will also find that they are more flexible as well allowing for classes to be completed online or at night as well.
  4. Credibility – If you have completed some form of higher education, you demonstrate that you can stick with something to the end. As such, you will be taken seriously whenever you go to look for an employment position than if all you had was your high school diploma.
  5. Self Confidence – Just by completing your education, you will become more confident in your ability to think and put your thoughts to action. That self-confidence makes you a better employment candidate.


What You Need To Know Before Hiring an Online Tutor

Are you struggling to improve your grades in school? Do you have a talent that you wish to develop and are looking for someone to guide you along? If yes, engage an online tutor and see your dreams come to reality.

Anyone with a learning need can join an online training program regardless of their age or location. The minimal requirements for joining such a forum are that you pay the agreed fees and that you have access to the internet.

What should you consider before committing to an online tutoring program?

As soon as you establish the need for online tutoring, you need to do your homework so that you get the best out of the process. Prepare a checklist that will help you establish some factors such as:

  • If your tutor is qualified

Your tutor needs to be qualified in the field you are seeking help otherwise it will be a futile effort. Ask your prospective tutor to show you proof of qualification in the field of expertise.

  • If the online institution is registered

Your online tutoring should not be anything that is recognized by the law. As long as this is in place you are assured that the knowledge you are acquiring is in line with what the state requires. Additionally, you are at peace that the certificates you are issued are valid when you begin your job search.

  • What former students say of the online training

A useful referee that you can use to get a good tutor is former clients. Read through and see if they are disappointed or are grateful about the training they received.

  • Tuition fee

The tuition fee charged for an online course can be used as a guide to determine the value a tutor attaches to the knowledge he is sharing with students. Overly low fees should make you question the quality of training you will receive and then again look out for those exorbitant fees that may be exploitative.

Advantages of online tutoring

There are several benefits of online tutoring including but not limited to:

  • Convenience

With an online training platform, you get to meet your tutor from the comfort of your home, as long as you have a device that has access to the internet. This is very convenient in that it saves you time and money that you would have incurred to get into a classroom setup.

  • Availability

Access to many online lessons is available on a 24/7 basis. This gives you the choice to schedule sessions at the time it fits best.

  • Individualized forums

Online training gives learners individualized forums with their tutors. The learners have a chance of interacting with their tutors on any challenging issue. They can ask whatever questions they have on the subject of discussion.

  • Recorded lessons

It is possible to record a training session for future reference by a learner. This implies that in the event that a student needs to confirm something from a previous session, all he/she needs to do is play the recorded lesson.


10 Useful Assignment Writing Tips for Every Student  


Whether in high school or college, many students could use a helping hand and a bit of advice on how to handle their assignments properly. If you’re struggling with your schoolwork and you’d like to become a better essay writer, is here to help you. Check out these 10 assignment writing tips provided by the renowned essay service review website!

  1. Start working as early as possible. This is an obvious one, but so many students ignore it nonetheless. Don’t be like them! If you’re teacher has given you, say, two weeks to write your assignment, they did it for a reason. Even if you don’t have time to start working immediately, at least sort out a schedule ASAP.
  1. Set up a regimen. Proper time management is key for completing your assignments successfully. It is best to create the habit of studying at the same time each day. Also, make sure to balance simpler assignments with bigger projects.
  1. Get to know your professor. Whether they are the bitter type or kind and supportive, all teachers have their likes and dislikes. Get to know what your professors usually expect and what they absolutely hate, and you’ll considerably increase your chances of success.
  1. Make sure you fully understand your assignment. Read the question, guidelines and assessment criteria multiple times before starting to work and ask for clarifications if you have any doubts. There’s nothing worse than finding out you’ve spent countless hours trying to answer the wrong question or using the wrong approach.
  1. Know your material. Whatever your assignment may be, review the lecture notes and study material before starting the work, to make sure you get the big picture first. It will make everything much easier for you when you do the research and the actual writing.
  1. Know your sources. Don’t use just anything you find on Google as a resource for your assignments. Think critically and spend some time to ensure the information is reliable and actually relevant to your objective.
  1. Craft an Outline. Whether we’re talking about a 1-page essay or a lengthy research paper, writing an outline is the key to success. It will not only keep you organised and to the point, but it will also help you stick to the requested word count more easily, allowing you to calculate how much you should write for each section.
  1. Never submit an assignment before revising it. Better yet, look over it multiple times, after taking a break- if you’re like most students, you revise your papers immediately after finishing them, which means you’re already tired and still too “attached” to your work to see all the possible issues.
  1. Get enough rest. A tired mind is sluggish and easily confused, so it is never a good idea to write your assignments when you haven’t slept for days. Not only will it take you much longer to complete the work, but you will also risk messing things up completely.
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re doing your best but still struggling with a project, don’t be shy to turn to your classmates for some pointers or ask your professor for advice. You are not alone in this, you know?

Chemistry tuition-improve your chemistry learning 

Chemistry tuitions are in great demand today in all over the world due to its importance in building a promising career in future. That’s why most of the parents have felt the requirement of keeping a good chemistry teacher at the home and some are interested in sending their child reputed chemistry tuition class.

Hence, the concepts of chemistry tuitions are developing day by day at a very quick rate. The amount of money that spent by the parents for their kids each year are also increasing at very rapid rate. The programs for chemistry tuitions are specifically designed that mainly helps the slow learners. At the same time, it also helps those types of students who have a desire for achieving the goals in their studies.

It has been watched that a huge number of parents throughout the world believes that chemistry tuitions are extremely helpful for their kids that make the parents find out the best chemistry tutors for their children.

Here are some important factors about the chemistry tuition that help to get the best deal in comprehending the pattern the education.

  1. Extra attention and proper care on Chemistry is offered to each and individual students which are not possible in schools and colleges.
  2. The student will be able to learn most as well as updated learning style.
  3. In chemistry tuition class, the student can get clear and deep explanation about this difficult from teachers.
  4. This is an important factor for children that they can get a group in tuition class which helps them to do a team work.

Chemistry is a difficult subject, there is a fear for this subject among the student, a good chemistry tuitions can help children in overcoming difficulties and fear faced while learning the concept.

The characteristics of a good chemistry teacher

Most of the reputed chemistry tutorial organizations employ a good chemistry teacher who can learn their students with a friendly manner. So that, the students can’t face any problem to grasp the concept.

  • A good chemistry teacher must have the vast knowledge of the subject and they should preferably have a Bachelors or Master’s degree on this subject. Having a clear concept on the subject, they should be clear in explaining the concepts.
  • A good chemistry teacher should be experienced and skilled in teaching A and O levels of chemistry. And if the teacher is certified from NIE, then this would be the best option for you.

It improves reinforced learning as the similar concept of chemistry is taught in two important places such as tuition class and school.

  • The good tuition class is considered as the makeup for poor teaching which can be done in school.
  • A good tuition class can help the students to build the confidence and also speed up their learning procedure.
  • Extra times which are generally wastes, is utilized in a meaningful way.

A good chemistry tutor can help student psychologically to establish as well as develop the interest in chemistry studies, clear all doubts about the subject, teaches the proper techniques of examination, conduct mock test and practice tests on the daily basis, monitor the development on the subject of students.  A good chemistry tutor always has their own set of rules and regulation which is followed in every chemistry class.


Why Is Thailand Still The Number One Travel Destination For Students?

When you are a student life has its ups and downs. While you have lots of freedom compared to those already in the workforce, money can always be a worry and this means that student life can be stressful. You want to have fun with your classmates and go on holiday with them but you can barely afford the plane ticket, never mind the cost of food and drink when you arrive. However, there is a place in the world that is absolutely perfect for students looking for a cheap deal and that is Thailand.

Thailand is still the number one travel destination for students from all over the world from Australia to the UK and it isn’t just because it is cheap – although this is obviously appealing to students! If you are a student and you are thinking of heading to Thailand, then Travelmood’s guide to the best beaches in Thailand is well worth checking out. Yes, the food is cheap and tasty, drinks are affordable and accommodation is a quarter of what it is in the western world but there is so much more to Thailand.


The beaches in this part of the world are simply beautiful, whether you choose to stay on mainland or head to one of the many stunning islands.

Let’s take a look at some of Thailand’s best beaches:

Ø  KhaoYai

Ø  Chaweng

Ø  Mae Nam

Ø  Phi Phi

Ø  HaadRin

Ø  Mai Khao

Ø  Phra Nang

Ø  Raleigh

Ø  Nai Yang

As a student on holiday, there are a few things that you might be looking for and they are likely to include cheap deals, friendly people, a relaxed atmosphere and nice beaches – and Thailand has it all.


The islands are particularly popular with visitors looking to have a great time away from their university back home.

Some of the most popular islands with students and other holidaymakers include the following:

Ø  KohPhangan

Ø  KohSamui

Ø  Koh Lanta

Ø  Phi Phi

Ø  Koh Tao

Ø  KoLipe

Ø  Koh Chang

Ø  Phuket

Ø  KohSamet

KohPhangan is the island where every student has to head to at least once a month for the famous Full Moon Party that takes place in HaadRin and this needs to be included on the travel itinerary of every visiting student from all over the world.


Of course, not all students want to party on the beach until the break of dawn while in Thailand and if you want to enjoy a more relaxing holiday, then you should check out KhaoYai. You can get hold of great value for money deals on accommodation and eating out is always a pleasure for really affordable prices wherever you are in the country.

Whether you want to party on Phi Phi with a bucket of alcohol or you want to explore the more cultural side of Thailand in KhaoYai, there’s plenty to see and do in this beautiful country which is why it is still the number one place for students to visit.


Planning To Start Your Career – Consider These Things To Choose The Perfect Career

While choosing a career, people often find themselves on crossroads to decide whether they have taken a proper decision. There are a number of factors that play a conclusive role in deciding your career, but you need to be sure that you have your stead on the right path.


Following are some questions that will help you assess yourself in the preliminary stage.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Where do your interests lie?

Stepping out in the real world can make you quite apprehensive and you might start questioning your own abilities. But you need to be sure of your talents and the best area where you can use them to your full potential.

There might be a situation when you find that you place yourself in a real broad category of options, what is necessary at this point is to channel your thoughts. Target the best possible option that matches your abilities.

  • What is your motivation type?

There are generally two main categories. The first being prevention focused adept who basically considers maintaining the consistency and the hard work he has put in till date. They base their judgment completely on statistical thinking, planning and thoroughness.

  • Which type of environment suits you?

You need to know the type of environment of the workspace in which you can survive well. You should know if you are a team worker or you can ace as an individual. Whether you are an introvert and can perform well in secluded conditions or you are an extrovert where you can voice your opinions publicly and work in a bustling area.

  • What kind of a lifestyle would you prefer?

It is important to know the lifestyle, you wish for. This will efficiently determine the space you will be living in, during your working period. You need to consider the different factors like the salary you will be happy with, the amount of travel required and your living conditions.

Career testing and how it can help

An individual requires proper career guidance before he/she goes out to choose a career. You have your list of skills, yet you encounter the dilemma of being clueless, before choosing a perfect career for yourself. What you require is a career test that will help you evaluate your singularity!

Some of the possible tests are as follows:

  • Strong Interest Inventory: This test helps you know about your interests and relate with them. You sense the direction in which you are going whether it is social or enterprising or technical or anything else.
  • Self-Directed Search: This test is very similar to the above, only that it is a quick test and helps you in deciding the area that leads you towards or away from the areas enlisted in the above category.
  • Myer-Briggs Type Indicator: This is a more practical test and helps in measuring your personality based on different scales. Upon the completion of all the scales, it provides with the proper assessment report that will tell you exactly about your personality traits.

You can also avail these tests through online assessment tests provided by different websites. This will help you recognize yourself better.

How to Get Your College Admissions Application Noticed

The college admission application. There may be no single greater source of stress for high school seniors. You’ve put in all those hours studying, getting good grades, joining all of the clubs and collectives possible to diversify your transcript, you have really gone the extra mile to make yourself the perfect candidate for any school. But it’s going to take more than an excellent grade point average and volunteering at the local soup kitchen.


You need to stand out among the thousands of other students who are sending in applications as well. We’re here to help, we have some useful pointers for getting you noticed by admissions officers. What you do is just as important as what not to do when you’re prepping for college admissions time. We have some smart do’s and don’ts that will serve you well wherever you’re applying, be it Long Island University or AU Online.


Writing the Essay

The college application essay is one of the most important components to get right when you’re trying to stand out from the crowd. Writing it can be difficult for some students because they aren’t sure what to focus on about themselves or some of them just feel uncomfortable extolling their own virtues. The essay will require you to answer a question about what inspires you or ask you to describe some important moment in your life. All you have to do is write an essay that corresponds to the question and be vivid and descriptive while doing it. Some students may not be very good writers and that’s okay. Simply describe yourself to the best of your abilities and let the content speak for itself.


Social Media

We’re all on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like. Our pages and accounts on these portals are a reflection of who we are, our opinions, our likes and dislikes, our experiences, all of them are laid out for almost anyone to see. You can be sure college admissions officers take a look at your Facebook page and other accounts to help them decide if you’re the proper fit for their school. Even if your account is set to private, there are still some elements that are visible for all to see. Keeping this in mind, you may want to clean up your pages, delete any objectionable pictures or content, take down anything that might work against you when they’re making their decision.


The Recommendation Letter

Every little bit helps and your recommendation letter can go a long way to helping the admissions officers decide on accepting or denying you. Get someone who knows you well to write a glowing recommendation extolling all of your positive attributes, work ethic, and compassion for your fellow man. If you can get more than one, even better.


Nailing the Interview

You can put all that hard work into your grades, your application, and getting good recommendation letters, but if you blow it in the interview phase it may all be for naught. Bring common sense to the table here, don’t show up late, dress appropriately, and conduct yourself in a professional manner. Be courteous, answer questions concisely and with confidence, above all just be yourself. Pretending to be someone that you’re not is going to look bad and it will make you stand out for reasons you don’t want.

Need Help Choosing the Best Stroller for My Child

Purchasing used light-weight baby strollers represents a one of a kind cash saving chance for any parent that’s attempting to avoid wasting money whereas shopping for a top quality product. Some parents spend tons of on new strollers that they use on a few occasions for a short period of time, leaving an expensive product in top quality condition.


Other parents will profit from their purchase once they realize these same parents trying to sell the products at a considerably reduced value. Though, before making this investment into your used lightweight umbrella stroller easy to move, it’s vital to review the many choices that are accessible to you regarding strollers. If you understand this properly, you would be capable of creating a more robust investment into your kid’s safety while still shopping for a product for your social life.

First of all, you need to think about when and below what circumstances you’ll be using the stroller. Will you primarily be mistreatment it for shopping? Or, are you planning to be out jogging with baby in tow? Can you simply be going to the park for a stroll. You may even notice that you just want quite one form of stroller for your various activities.

  • Standard or Full Featured Strollers are those that are usually larger and have all of the comforts that a parent may need for their baby and their own convenience. They often have the ability to connect an infant seat for use with the newborns. They may have reclining options, tandem choices for multiple children to ride, cup holders and storage baskets. They usually have a retractile hood for shade. These strollers are very adaptable to many things, but could be large and/or significant.
  • Umbrella or Travel Strollers started out as a really inexpensive light-weight choice for those oldsters who did not need to deal with the majority and weight of the complete featured strollers. They had minimal options, but were a nice different. Now, the lightweight umbrella stroller has evolved to be a significantly nicer choice. They can come with choices to recline and have sunshades and cup holders.
  • Jogging and All piece of ground Strollers are designed for those parents who need to remain active with baby by their aspect. Designed with three wheels for sleek steering, the standard jogging stroller features a fastened front wheel for ease in steering while running, while the all piece of ground models have a move in a position front wheel. Both varieties come back with expansive tires, hand brakes and shock absorbers. Baby has a smooth ride even on unsmooth trails.

Whatever style you select, be sure to do them out before buying. Inspect the quality of the stroller and every one of the accessories that go with it. Check out the height and luxury of the handlebars. If you are not comfy pushing it you may never need to use it. Be sure that it meets all safety standards; all accredited strollers should be marked. Make certain the five purpose constraint is straightforward to regulate. It is important that baby is wearing the security harness at all times. See if it has all of the accessories you’re searching for.

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