5 Healthcare Careers You’ve Probably Not Considered

There are certain careers in the field of healthcare that immediately come to mind, such as doctors, specialists, and nurses. But there are also several healthcare careers that you have probably not considered. These are great opportunities to make a great living and really love what you do, so keep reading for a list of five careers in the realm of healthcare that you should consider if you want to help others.


1.      Medical Scribe

In the past, a doctor’s main role was to focus solely upon the patient and his or her care. But with the advancement of technology, particularly with the electronic health record (EHR), doctors are now overloaded with the responsibilities of documenting the important information about their patients. This is where a medical scribe steps in. When you become a scribe, you’ll basically be working as a personal assistant to a doctor. You’ll record information in the EHR, as well as gather information for a patient’s exam so that better care can be delivered.

2.      Respiratory Therapist

A field within healthcare that is growing is that of respiratory therapy. This means that there’s an increased need for respiratory therapists, who are also known as RTs. You will work as part of an anesthesiology team, monitoring patients during surgeries. You will even be qualified to work in areas that help diagnose sleep disorders, or you can work in a rehab department, emergency setting, or home care setting, so there are a lot of options to choose from.

3.      Pedorthist

A pedorthist makes customized shoes, as well as other footwear, specifically for individuals who suffer with everything from hammertoes, arthritis, and diabetes, to bunions, flat feet, and other conditions. You will have to study the anatomy of the foot, as well as foot pathology, shoe construction, shoe modification, biomechanics, and footwear materials, fabrication, and fitting. But once you have this education, you will help people walk better.

4.      Healthcare Manager

If you want to enter the medical field but you prefer to take a business approach to your career, you can become a healthcare manager. You will work at a healthcare facility, taking care of tasks that range from budgeting and accounting, to data analysis, risk management, and HR. Many people get their start in this field by getting their master’s of science in nursing.

5.      Medical Machinist

As a medical machinist, you will be able to work on constructing and fixing various pieces of medical equipment. This means that you can play an important role in delivering the products that medical professionals use to save lives, improve patient care, and help people feel their best. If you get your associate’s degree in a field like biomedical engineering, you can start working in this exciting field, but if you want to go further, you should get your bachelor’s degree.

These five career paths are just a few of the many that are available within the world of healthcare. If you want to take on a less traditional role while helping people feel better, definitely consider the options above.

Here are important tips for finding great teaching jobs in Birmingham

Choosing to become a teacher is one of the most important decisions an individual can ever make.

This is a tremendously influential career choice, one that can and often does positively impact the lives of thousands and thousands of people over a multi-decade long career.

At the same time, finding the best teaching jobs – especially early in your career – can be an absolute nightmare. There are all kinds of challenges that you have to face, all kinds of difficulties that you’ll have to surmount, and a number of different interviews that you’ll inevitably have to participate in.

By arming yourself with the inside information we’ve included below you’re not only going to be able to much more effortlessly find the best teaching jobs Birmingham has to offer, but you be able to fast track the process so that you can get started with your dream career much faster than you ever would have been able to before.


Let’s dive right in!

Networking is the ultimate solution

Though we are going to touch on a handful of other tips and tricks for finding the best teaching jobs Birmingham has to offer, the most effective tip you’ll want to focus on is developing your professional network.

You want to be sure to make friends with as many people as possible during your education before you join the teacher job hunt, but you’ll also want to make sure that you establish as many connections as possible with teachers in positions that you would love to have.

Is this kind of networking that will fast-track your ability to land great teaching jobs at institutions that you’d be proud to work long-term at.

Take advantage of as many opportunities as possible

At the same time, networking isn’t always going to be the fastest way to get the best teaching jobs in Birmingham.

Networking can take quite a while to bear fruit, which is why you want to be sure to leverage as many different teaching opportunities as you can along the way.

You’ll want to focus on full-time teaching jobs, part-time teaching jobs, and really any other teaching experience you can get under your belt. At this point in your career it’s all about establishing work experience, learning the ins and outs of the field, and developing a resume that gets you into better and better positions later down the line.

Look for unique positions that may be open

Teaching positions exist in pretty much any and every field unimaginable.

The beautiful thing about this career path is that you can always learn more, can always develop new skills and new knowledge, and can apply this to different teaching opportunities that may present themselves.

What you don’t want to do early in your career is limit yourself in any way whatsoever to the kinds of positions that you “think” you deserve. Open yourself up to different opportunities, the patient but persistent, and before you know it you’ll land teaching positions in Birmingham that are fantastic!

Exciting Careers Await In Guest Services Industries

For as long as people travel, there will be the need for the hospitality and guest services industries. So if you want to find a job that will pretty much be available all the time, at locations around the world, and that deals with people from all walks of life, choosing a career in guest services and the hotel industry is a pretty solid choice.

And one specific benefit that’s always available in that industry is the fact the upward mobility is always an option. You can always go to school to get more education. You can always work harder to get more practical experience. And you can always use your work ethic to try to make it further up the food chain.

So from whichever direction you choose to approach this particular career path, remember that for better or worse, you can be where the action is culturally, create joy for people on their vacations, choose your place of employment from all around the world, get paid really well after getting your college education, and experience all different sorts of lifestyles, at least tangentially, if not personally.

Be Where the Action Is

A lot of times, guest services industry personal are going to be where the cultural action is. Imagine being a part of the motion and excitement at the Las Vegas Sands, for example. Rich people. Passionate people. Smart people. Driven people. And you get to see that from both the inside and the outside as part of the staff. You get to hear the insider tips, and be part of the support group for the famous and the infamous. There wouldn’t be an opportunity quite like that one anywhere else in the world, and as a trained professional, you’d be more privy to the ins and outs than the reluctant passerby.

Create Joy For Families On Vacation

There’s something to be said for helping people to enjoy their vacations as well. If you choose to go into the guest services industry, it’s your literal job to make people happy and keep them satisfied with their experience at a hotel. You are personally responsible for using your knowledge to create the best atmosphere possible for people, and that can be an extremely satisfying job prospect. There have been some industry issues in the past about who’s the boss in hotel relationships, but if you find a good employer, everyone wins.

Choose Your Place of Employment

Also, working in the hospitality industry means that you can work anywhere in the world there are hotels. That means if you have the availability, you can work hospitality at exotic locations, in remote areas, in urban populations, or wherever else the opportunity presents itself. And you wouldn’t have to pay for these experiences. Rather, you would be getting paid! As long as your personality matches the needs of a specific environment, you get the best of both worlds of income and adventure, all because you chose a career and vocation that would allow this flexibility.

Get Paid the Big Bucks After College

There’s a big difference in the payout that you get from the hospitality industry depending on how much college you’ve had, and what your experience level is. By the time you’re educated and have made it into a managerial role, you can easily be making six figures, and you’ll be in charge of a bunch of passionate, driven people in an exciting industry as well. The responsibilities are very particular in this vocation, and that’s why trying is at a such a premium, and why the college classes are so specific as well.

Experience Different Lifestyles Tangentially

And finally, just in terms of life experiences, careers in guest services are some of the most interesting that you can have. If you end up working at five-star places, expect to see five-star people. The Hollywood rich and famous are going to be regular customers at the fancier places, and you’ll get to rub elbows with that culture without having any of the stress that typically comes with it. The same goes for politicians, businessmen, and other high rollers in certain areas of the world. They will all rely on your for great service!