Academic tips for writing assignment in less time

Assignment writing has always been an important tactic to judge the learning ability of students. After the examination, the writing assignment is a useful and more applicable to control the annual or semi-annual progress of a student.

When it comes to writing a final work, students get frustrated or worried because they have to give attention to the other core subject. In this difficult time, students have a need for assistance and help them achieve their goals. This article will enlighten those ways that can help students write their custom assignments in less time.

  • The first tip is to find a strong purpose for the evaluation criteria. This will give you a land on which your task may be.
  • A collection of information is the next major step towards writing an assignment. Lectures, notes, and other comprehensive textbooks or magazines can help a lot.
  • Take notes on what was collected or harvested.
  • The structure should always keep in mind that normally is awarded to students. The general assignment includes; title page, a brief summary, table of contents, the main body and the conclusion, which is then followed by, references, bibliography, and appendices.
  • A form of standard is always used for the writing of a particular assignment topic. Ask your tutor for help in this regard.
  • Write your first draft for your assignment, it will tell you the basic obstacles that can probably be addressed by the students. It will also give an idea about the time you may need to write your full charge.
  • Review your homework before yourself, and then let someone else read it for you. Proof then listens carefully to the comments.
  • Write bibliography that will reflect your research work but also help readers to gain access to the sources.


A task, no matter what type or subject you are writing about, it must be re-read to all costs. This is a better way to control all the possible mistakes you have made and you can make a significant change to it. Here are some tips for reviewing, editing and polishing an assignment…

Give yourself material quality, to begin with: If you are writing an essay, term paper, thesis, or dissertation courses, each task requires enough time and writing sharp, as well as the skills you seek. Before you write, your job makes sure to have quality material and enough knowledge to start your assignment.

Give yourself plenty of time to review: No matter how good you are writing your job, you definitely make some mistakes in writing your assignment and eventually because of less time; students present their assignment, without correction. Make sure you have enough time to review your assignment after completing it.

Spell- check and grammarcheck: These are the most common mistakes that a student has done and for this, he or she will be able to get good grades. Not heavily rely on spell checking software. Read and re-read your post several times in order to remove all spelling errors, grammar and punctuation that you have made when writing your job.

Edit on Screen: Microsoft Word will help you remove your mistakes 90%, but before the press, the final copy read it again or asks someone else to read it. A fresh eye will take your writing mistakes easily, which you forgot to note, at the time of proofreading.

Print and read aloud: After editing on screen, print the paper and read aloud. The reading aloud will help you control the paper flow more accurately. Re-check the assignment and make sure that your task is to fulfill all the requirements of your teacher.

In the end, assignment to write not only helps students to develop their writing skills but with the writing, activities help students assignment will able to understand about their particular area of study more deeply.


3 Ways to Make Yourself A Better Artist Today

The world is home to a lot of artists. Thank goodness for that, because without them, the world would be a much uglier place. Artists take things that are thought to be unusable and ugly, and they make them into something to be admired. Artists also take the odds and ends of life and put them together to create spectacular installations and works of art that improve society and make that which is around them better.

People admire artists for what they do, but often label them as the freaks of society. It’s often not until an artist has undergone mass scrutiny and even passed onto the next world before their contribution to society is even recognized.

Realize What You Do and Don’t Need

Artists are often the Wizard of Oz in society. They spend their lives making sure that what is in front of the curtain is a perfect and seamless orchestration. Behind the curtain, things can be seen falling apart. They also say that artists are prone to addiction. People latch onto anything that takes them out of their consciousness to create something.

Whether it be truth or myth that substance use enhances the creative mind, the reality of the matter is that there are many ways to make yourself a better artist today that don’t have the repercussions of consciousness altering substances. The first step to becoming a better artist today is realizing that you have it in you. You do need things like discipline and innovation. You don’t need help from things that will steal your ability to create anything in the end.

Open Your Eyes

There is a common phrase that talks about how people need to go about life with an open mind. While this is true, that’s a path that can lead to dangerous things pretty quickly. It might be a much better idea to go about life with open eyes. All the light in the world does a blind man no good…if you’re walking around without really looking at the world around you, your art will reflect that. When you see things but you keep your wits about you and don’t accept everything at face value, your art will hold more meaning and impact.


You’ve heard this from day one. If you want to become good at anything, you must practice. Practice makes perfect, right? Well, nothing can be perfect, but it is the imperfections that make things beautiful. If you desire to become a better artist today, know that whatever you put your hand or mind to must be approached with full focus, intention, and discipline. Develop a lifestyle that incorporates practice and you’ll find that you can do anything.

5 Good Reasons to Sell Textbooks Online

Your textbooks probably cost you and arm and a leg and when the semester is finally over, you may be left with books you will never use again.  Of course there are some books that you may want to keep as reference texts in the future, but there are others that you may no longer want to hold on to.  One of the best things you can do is to sell your used text books where you can get some money back for them.  Of course it will not be the full amount for which you purchased them, but it will be something that you can plug back into buying books for the coming semester.  If you are looking for reasons why it is a good idea to sell textbooks online, here are just a few:


  1. You get to de-clutter – If you keep all your textbooks semester after semester, you will soon have a bookshelf overflowing with books you are most likely not going to use again. Clutter has a way of shrinking a room and making it look untidy and an overflowing bookshelf is no exception.  Get rid of the old books by selling them online and make room for the books you actually use.  If you need to look something up in the future, you can always use the internet or visit your local library.
  2. It’s quick and convenient – The lines at the college bookstore at the end and beginning of the semester can be daunting at best. You can end up spending an hour or more just waiting in line to make a sale. Selling online is a lot more convenient and time saving since all you have to do is put in the ISBN and you will find out if you can sell it and you will get a quote as well.  If you agree on pricing, you simply drop off the books at the mailing point and wait for your money.
  3. Cash for the next semester’s books – One of the best things about selling your books online is that you get to have some money in your pocket to go into the next semester’s textbook selection. As mentioned earlier, you will not get 100% back, but you will get a good portion that will reduce the amount you need to pay for the following semester’s textbooks.
  4. Sell books that are not in perfect condition – When you sell textbooks at your college bookstore, you will likely find that a book with some minor damage may not be acceptable. Online, however, you may be able to find a company that will take your books as they are; even if they need a little fixing.
  5. You get to help other students – When you sell textbooks that you are done with online, you can be sure that other students will purchase them at a good rate. You will have helped them purchase books at a discounted rate making college a lot more affordable for them. You can also turn around and purchase used books online as well and become a beneficiary of others who have done the same.