Growing Trend of Distance Education in India

Distance education was first commissioned in 1962 in India. The concept of distance educationgradually picked up momentum. Distance learning allows students to get a degree without being physically present in the classroom. It facilitates learning through online notes and course material.

Over the years distance education in India has grown into a dynamic mode of learning and teaching, with increasing number of educational institutions opening up to it.Universities and colleges have begun to collaborate with each otherto widen their offerings to meet the growing need for higher education. The study material is prepared by the universities and is sent to the students. However, with the progress in technology, universities have found new and innovative ways to make the process more interactive thereby, increasing the value of distance education.

Advantages of distance education

The best thing about a distancelearning course is that it allows you to study at your convenience. It doesn’t matter which part of the country you are in, you can get the education of your choice without having to relocate. Distance learning coursesgive you the freedom to take your own pace while pursuing a course. It allows you to get the degree you want without disturbing your everyday routine.

Another great advantage of distance learning courses is that they are affordable. Distance education is comparatively cheaper than joining a traditional college, especially if you want to pursue courses like MBA,which are usually costly.

Distance educationgives you the liberty to continue with your current job or take care of your family while getting a degree. There are some challenges ofdistancelearning, but with the internet shrinking the world, the trend of distance educationin India is on a rise.



Why Online Schooling May Be Your Best Option And How To Be Successful At It

When you decide to go back to school, whether you’re just in your twenties or you are much older, you may be pondering what type of schooling is right for you, not just what you should go to school for. Sometimes thinking about going to college as an older adult can be scary, but with the internet there are more options than just sitting in a classroom with teenagers.

You can decide to go to college online, which can help you avoid looking awkward at any age, but it takes a good deal of drive and discipline to attend college online. You need to be great with time management and serious about successfully completing school or it could end up being a big waste of time and money.

Time Management Skills

Attending college online, from home, can be more difficult than attending class in person. You need to push yourself to manage your time wisely, and you won’t have time in class to do work, or a teacher to remind you to get next week’s assignment done.

You need to start my making sure that you are always attending your online seminars on time. Just because you aren’t attending school in a normal classroom doesn’t mean you don’t have classes to attend, and you may still get docked for tardiness if you aren’t signed in on time. Set a reminder alarm on your phone or computer if you need to.

You may also want to keep a planner that helps remind you when assignments are due. This is a great way to ensure that you are always turning things in on time.

Don’t Just Wing It

Remember, you are paying just as much in tuition (and you may want to get a job with that degree so you can pay back your school loans) as you would be going to a traditional brick and mortar college, so you still want to put your all into your education. The better you do on the path toward your degree the better your chances of getting a career with your degree.

Do your assignments, study, and make time for school. As an adult your life is busy. You might have kids, a spouse, a full-time job, friends, and maybe even a hobby. However, your education needs to at least be tied with the things that are number one in your life. If it isn’t you just might not succeed.

You can be a successful adult student, you just need to put your mind to it. Make sure you have the support of your family as well, because an unsupportive spouse could also be the cause of failure.

How To Start Your Career In Addiction Counseling And How To Be Successful

When you are thinking about what career to go into, whether it’s your first career or you just want to make a life change, it pays to consider getting into a career that allows you to help other people. There are many different avenues you can take when it comes to being in a job that lets you change someone’s life for them, from being a doctor to being a counselor. One field you may want to consider it becoming a substance abuse counselor.

Things are continually changing in the fields that help people deal with addictions, from alcohol and drug addictions to food and sex addictions. There are new treatments methods available all the time, and this field is also learning to integrate things like holistic treatments into the mix.

Getting Your Education

You can often go into counseling on just a high school diploma, however, it depends on where you want to work and what you want to be able to do for the people that come to your for help. If you want to work in a hospital setting it is likely you’ll want at least a Bachelor degree. You may even need some kind of licensing, depending on where you live. Take some time to look into the requirements in the state or country you reside in.

Being In The Right Mindset

Not everyone can have a successful career as an addiction counselor. You really need to have some very important personality traits to work with people that have addictions. If you look at addiction as something that people do just to harm themselves and that it’s just a phase of some sort, then this will not be a good career option for you. You need to understand that addiction is a mental illness, and often comes with other underlying issues that have lead to addiction in the first place.

You need to be a compassionate person that likes to help people. You need to be a good listener, and you also need to have a thick skin. You are probably going to get treated poorly by some patients, but you need to stay professional and be understanding of their illness and what it is doing to them.

Be Ready For Sadness And Rewards

Sometimes you will successfully help a patient, and sometimes you’re stepping in too late. That is also part of where your thick skin comes in handy. While helping someone beat their addiction can be rewarding, it can also be heartbreaking when someone loses that fight even after you tried to help them.

If this sounds like a career that could be right for you, take some time to determine where you’d get the best education, and what requirements you need where you live. Start talking to other people that work in the field so you can get a real understanding of what life will be like as an addiction counselor. And then you’ll know and can move forward with your new career that will directly impact the lives of many.

Group Activities For Troubled Teens

Building true collaboration in programs for troubled teens is a high priority item, as it will lead to more success among the group. Studies show that collaboration and teamwork increase effort, motivation, and retention. But getting teens to work together is more challenging than just asking them to “find a partner” or to “work as a team.”

Using these basic principles from Woodcreek Academy can help you structure group activities that really get results.

Give Them An Interesting Problem To Solve
Group participants will check out if the task is either too easy or two hard. You might start with interest surveys to find out what they are interested in. Structure an activity that requires everyone’s help to solve a problem. For example, in a bootcamp for boys, one group activity is that the group must move every member through a small hole in a network of vertical ropes tied together. This task requires that participants help each other, listen to individual voices, and collectively work to solve the problem.

Make The Task Relevant
Another idea is to provide a list of items and tell participants that they can keep only 10 items on the list that they think they can use to survive a harsh winter in the wilderness. Again, the problem is compelling and they have to work together to come up with the ten items. In a school for troubled teens the responses will vary widely based on their range of experiences, which can be used to process effective ways for groups to work together.


How to look objective when writing the essay without addressing the best paper writing service?

The cost of objectiveness is great when evaluating the writing assignment. Teachers insist that the student should sound objective and open-minded in his paper. No one can compose a catching piece of work without the personal opinion being engaged for it is a permanent must have in all the types of articles. It happens because the information provided by any kind of source is represented in the writing through the author’s spectacle of the outlook and his personal convictions. As it should be. The ability to represent the information which has undergone the writer’s evaluation as if it had not is a type of craft one should get information about to master. It is a worthy affair. Having acquired such knowledge, the person’s writing will become more powerful and persuading. The professional writers of the best paper writing service are experts of this craft and they can supply you with a profound consultation in case of need as well as with the decent examples to follow. Willing to cope with the task of this kind (which is not really that complicated if you do now several valuable tips) the student can accomplish the mission with minimal efforts.

Profound research on the theme and presentation of contrasting views concerning the question. This means that the writer has to learn enough information about the topic in discussion beforehand. Trying to sound objective you need to get acquainted with the varied opinions to have a right for objectiveness. Evaluating pros and corns of each of them you will become real expert.

Racy facts. There is no need to dwell a lot on the problem to let people know you are well aware of the essence and the details concerning it. Include vivid facts to catch the reader and he will do believe you are the connoisseur.

Picturesque language. Even the most powerful information can turn pale if the presentation is not worthy, so pay attention to the way you express your thoughts when writing. The language must be rich in varied figures of speech (metaphors, similes, hyperbole, alliteration, assonance, etc.). The work replete with such elements looks as if it was performed by the person with the broad outlook.

No way for phrases of self-expression (as I see it, to the best of my belief, etc). The writer must not include the phrases of the mentioned group for thus he minimizes the effect of the statement. You can overcome it. It is presupposed that the author reflects his opinion in the work, but adding these elements he puts extra emphasis on this fact.

“I-expressions” minimization. These are the elements which result in spoiling the impression from the work like the discussed above group of phrases. Though you may use them when preparing for the article, in the final revision they should be excluded.

No judging. Try to represent your point of view without extra evaluation and judging the evidence when offering some facts for the audience. You should leave some space for the reader to make a conclusion himself. Your work should include persuasive information and the hints for “correct” opinion, but the final decision should be left for the audience.

The represented tips will ameliorate your work for 100%, but if a person doesn’t feel interested in the theme or the time presses there is always an opportunity to address the best paper writing service.