Things one should look for in an English-learning institute

If you want to learn how to speak in English, you can either learn them by yourself or you can always enroll in classes that will teach you how to speak, read and write English. However, make sure that you enroll in the best one there is. To get the best classes, make sure they have the following features that are listed below.

Easy Access

Make sure that the institute can easily be accessed from your home or your office or school so that travelling will not be a problem. Also, it is better if there are other facilities that are nearby like restaurant and stores.

You are your own boss

The institute should offer options where in you can schedule your own classes to make sure that they do not interfere with your other responsibilities like work and studies. This means that you can start anytime you want to as long as you comply with the required number of hours.

Professional teachers

There should be 100% foreign-language teachers who are trained and are professionals when it comes to teaching. However, these teachers should still be friendly and accommodating to all their students. The teachers should be able to foster the students’ knowledge in a way that they will enjoy each class and would want to come back every time.

Road to your success

English is a very powerful tool in achieving more success in life. With the use of this language, you can expand you knowledge and at the same time can take on another road in achieving your dreams in another country. Knowing English can be very helpful if you want to travel abroad for pleasure, education or for greener pasture.

Fun atmosphere and friendly staff

This institute will be like your second home, so make sure that you will have a fun and comfortable atmosphere. The place should be conducive for studying which means there should be no background noises that may hinder the student from focusing on the lesson. Also, having a friendly and accommodating staff will be a big plus for the institute.

Good learning system

They should make sure that they asses the student’s level first before giving them lessons. Also, the lessons should be in line with the student’s level. There are some students who already have a little knowledge in English which means they should skip the beginner level and proceed with the advance or expert level basing on their assessment. Also, they should not only focus on the reading ability but should also develop the student’s writing and speaking abilities. This will be a good training for the students.

Reasonable Prices

The prices should not be too high for students to afford and should also not be too low that their learning might be compromised. Also, the prices should cover everything so that the students will no longer have to worry about other expenses throughout the process.

If you want an institute with all these, you can always enroll in พูดภาษาอังกฤษ and enjoy all these benefits while learning English in a fun way.

Simple and Effective Tips on Carpet Cleaning


One of the greatest horrors that homeowners have to deal with is taking care of the carpets. While they are always quite helpful in adding more color and style and substance to the interiors, they require attention and maintenance and care if one were to make sure that they are kept in their best shape for a long time. When you have pets and kids at home, it is easy to picture out scenarios where the carpet gets spilled over with something, gets dirty and soiled, or get stained. This is why knowing how you can carry out effective and efficient carpet cleaning Perth is indeed very important.

Do-it-yourself cleaning

Despite your efforts to get your kids to take off their shoes when inside the house or to get pets off the rugs when they have mud and dirt all over their paws, there will always be a time when they will. So, it would be up to you to figure out ways on how you can get the dirt cleaned up and the carpet to look spiffy again. The last thing you want is a carpet covering your floors with stains and dirt blatantly staring back at you.

You will be delighted to know that there are things that you can do that will help you get the cleaning done on your own. You do not always have to rely on the service of the experts all the time. This is good news as this means that you will not have to pay a handsome price just to get that carpet dirt and stains removed.

Using powder to clean the carpets

A lot of people have been relying on the he sue of powder when it comes to getting their carpets cleaned. Many find this as the best strategy when it comes to getting back that clean carpet look. It is very easy to use too. All you need to do is sprinkle a liberal amount of powdered carpet cleaner and leave it for thirty minutes. If you can leave it overnights, then the better. The powder can cause the stains to soften and it helps in removing unwanted scents too.

Afterward, all you need to do is get the powder vacuumed up and you are done. This powder can also be replaced with baking soda.

Use carpet shampoo

Carpet shampoo is another way to get your carpet cleaned the easy way. You will find that the market currently has a number of brands for you to select from. Different brands will have different instructions on how you are supposed to use these products so; it helps to pay attention to the specifics so you are sure that you are using it right.

Make sure that you will use enough of the carpet shampoo to properly cover the area that you want to get cleaned up. It is advised that you should avoid getting the carpet too wet though as this will only increase the time you need to spend to get it to dry and it is only going to be a waste of detergent. If there are areas that are going to be a little tough to clean up, a brush with hard bristles can do the job.  Once the carpet has dried off, have it vacuumed off.

OFSTED Chief under Fire over Sunday School Investigation

Tory MPs have reacted angrily to suggestions that OFSTED could inspect Sunday Schools using new powers introduced recently. Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of OFSTED, said in a radio interview that Sunday Schools could be inspected, as could any institution that provides education out of school “for more than six to eight hours per week” on a regular basis.


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New Powers for OFSTED

The new powers are directed at preventing the spread of extremism by making sure that anywhere that provides education for children out of school can be inspected. David Cameron, the Prime Minister, introduced them last year, saying they were aimed at a minority of Muslim madrassas where children had their “heads filled with poison and their hearts filled with hate”.

The Department of Education stated clearly that OFSTED had no intention of inspecting “teaching children for a short period every week, such as Sunday schools”. Sir Michael, however, said that OFSTED “need to know if a Sunday school is being run, is it registered, is it being run properly by people that have been through proper safeguarding checks”. He went on to say, however, that only if they had concerns over these factors would they consider inspecting Sunday Schools.

An Attack on Religious Freedom?

Sir Gerald Howarth, a senior Tory MP, has nevertheless called for Sir Michael’s resignation, saying that his attitude was “high-handed” and “draconian” and contradicted the Department’s stated intention. Another Tory MP, David Burrowes, who leads a summer youth camp in his Enfield constituency, describes Sir Michael’s comments as “a chill wind across religious freedom”. You can find out more about the issue in this article by the telegraph.

Out of School Hours Providers

Many groups, including churches, provide out of school activities, some social in nature and some designed to help children who struggle to read. Some parents may want to investigate alternative ways of helping their children develop literacy skills, like online reading tools including MyWordBuddy ( and others to help children with spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation. Reading is vital to confidence and to academic success.

Busy parents need to be confident that they have left their children in safe hands when they attend out of school hours institutions. It definitely helps if the children can also develop their reading and writing skills at the same time.

Modern Education: Enhancing Learning Using Mixed Media

Capturing the attention of students in a classroom is an on-going challenge for educators as the digital age now sees us bombarded with information from multiple sources at the same time. Many students tend to spend a lot of their free time using electronic devices to view images, watch movies or listen to music. The traditional textbook-based learning model that is usually employed in classrooms can seem a little uninspiring to those used to a variety of media sources. Therefore, embracing mixed media as a way to enhance learning is an ideal way to help students improve their understanding.

What is Mixed Media?

Mixed media refers to different forms of information such as printed words, pictures, music or video. Textbooks, diagrams, flyers, information sheets and other forms of print media are often used in classrooms as learning aids for both young children and adult learners. Many schools print their own information in house to save costs as online stores offer cheap deals on printers or to replace an Epson ink cartridge. Songs and music are a tried and tested method of getting younger children to remember information such as the alphabet. A small number of educators use video in their classrooms to help students learn by showing them movies, documentaries or animated shorts.

How Can Mixed Media Benefit Students?

According to Pedagogy in Action, students learn faster when they are informed of what they are expected to learn from the media before it is shown. Students should be given a brief description of what the media is about and told what to look for. Doing so helps students apply their analytical skills and evaluate the content they are shown. A short discussion should follow after the media has been shown so the educator can guide students through the different concepts addressed. Several studies have shown that images work better when teaching people to remember various concepts.

How To Incorporate Mixed Media Into Lesson Plans

Educators can start to introduce mixed media into their lesson plans by choosing a short video clip or song that is relevant to the educational material being studied. There should be a strong link between the course material and the media to avoid any unnecessary confusion. Combining many different forms of media together is a great way to engage many senses at the same time. A video clip that includes music and subtitles is an ideal way to help present information in a clear and memorable way that will enrich the learning experience of students. Another way to fully engage students in the learning process is to have them create their own material using mixed media sources. Students can split into smaller groups to create a piece of music, dramatization or short movie based on the concept being studied.

One of the best ways to encourage students to learn is to make lessons as fun and engaging as possible. Employing a variety of mixed media, scenarios and techniques is the best way to create a positive learning experience that students of every age can appreciate.

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What to Know About Education Reform in Phoenix

In the 70s, the US had the highest high school graduation rates anywhere in the world. Today, it wallows among the lowest. According to the 2015 Quality Counts study, Arizona ranks 47th in the country in education. The government’s Every Student Succeeds Act, the successor to the No Child Left Behind Act, certainly does go a long way towards reforming America’s education policy and making it fairer, kinder and more inclusive. It doesn’t do much to help make it more relevant, though.

The country needs education reform, and so do the states; Arizona is no exception. If you are not clear why, the answer is obvious — schools today barely manage to prepare students for jobs that exist today. When it comes to preparing them for jobs that will be come into existence 10 or 15 years down the line, they tend to have no plan. Every state needs reform to help ensure education that is relevant.

Unbundling for quick adaptability

It’s a given that students coming out of school need solid technology skills to be employable. It can be hard for students or their parents to determine which technologies will be relevant, though. Whatever students learn, it needs to be relevant not only for today, but for decades to come.

In many ways, experts are beginning to question whether technology degrees are even relevant anymore; the field simply moves too quickly. In the future, learning needs to be unbundled.  Students need training not in specific technologies far in advance, but a way to quickly learn new technologies as they are developed. In other words, courses can no longer be delivered as a single set.

Learning teamwork

Sundar Pichai was reportedly chosen to head to Google not because he was brilliant in the software field (which he may be), but because he was a brilliant team player — someone who could inspire the team and help bring focus to a project on hand. Businesses everywhere in the country constantly look for team players, and yet, find little help from educational institutions. Educational reform is needed to address the shortcoming.

Learning needs to turn experiential

Having students come in to class all together tends to be too rigid an approach. In the future, learning in developed countries around the world will turn education experiential, rather than remain abstract and tied to the classroom. Progress will be needed in this country, as well.

Standardized testing may need to go

Many kinds of standardized test in the US are currently on their last legs. The SATs are expected to be phased out, as well. If standardized tests are thought to not work, it’s because they do not adequately measure creativity and adaptability. Education reform is needed to help train students in these areas.

Most of all, education policy needs to be set up to adapt. It can no longer remain a rigid policy that remains set in stone for decades at a time. According to the Next 100 Years plan by Alliance Bank in Phoenix AZ, it’s important for parents to support education reform. Grassroots support is the only way that the children of Arizona will receive the education that they deserve.