Best jobs in Calgary

The city of Calgary is endowed with some of the best features in Canada, perfect for business. With a population of about 1.1 million residents, the city is the third most populous in the country and the first in Alberta province. Its economy is one of the best performing in Canada. It is among the most diversified of global economies, thanks to the oil crisis of 1980’s.


Employment trends

With its enormous size and geographical location the city of Calgary attracts many job seekers from Alberta and beyond. With a very promising youthful population, employment and job seeking in Calgary is only too natural.

The city boasts the lowest unemployment figures; 4.9%. According to Statistics Canada, this is much lower than the national unemployment projections for this year alone; 7.4%. The city also has a bigger proportion of self-employed individuals than any other throughout Canada.

Economic trends

The economy of Calgary has, until the late 1980’s, depended on oil and gas. After the oil crisis in the same decade, diversification hit the economy. New industries emerged from the ashes. Some of these industries are the top employers in the city today. They include:

  • Tourism industry
  • Chemicals sector
  • Transport and communications
  • Sports and entertainment

Tourism industry

Posh hotels, natural sceneries and other attractions are very synonymous with Calgary. Its geographical location at the confluence of two great rivers makes the city ideal for tourists. The hotel and tourism industry in Alberta is an employment haven for many a Canadians and even foreign nationals.

Some of the positions that are often advertised in the industry include:

  • Program managers
  • Waiters and waitresses
  • IT experts

Chemicals sector

That this sector has a very heavy and conspicuous presence in Calgary is no secret. Like its irresistible visibility, the sector is also an employment and job creation powerhouse in Canada. Some of the market leaders in the industry include:

  • Nova Chemicals
  • Dow Chemicals

This sector alone accounts for many technical and management related jobs in Calgary.

Transport and communications

In Calgary, this sector has an impressive annual rate of job creation and employment, far better than other sectors. Some of the market leaders in this sector include:

  • The Canada Pacific Railway
  • Shaw Communications

Sports and entertainment

Needless to mention, this industry is very vibrant in Calgary, thanks to the fast growing youthful population. It accounts for an incredible number of self-employment opportunities. Since the time of the 1988 winter Olympics, the city of Calgary has witnessed an impressive rise in sport related jobs and the likes.

Even after the oil crisis, some of the best paying jobs in the city remain in the energy sector. Positions that are highly sought after include:

  • Chemical engineers
  • Petroleum engineers
  • Mining engineers

The list is inexhaustible. Jobs in Calgary are in high demand. To secure one, networking it key though, skills, experience and relevant support documents are must-haves.


The Need For Nursing Assistants In The Country

Nursing has been one of the noblest professions in the world. The popularity of nursing came up during the war times where nurses were employed to take care of wounded soldiers and assist doctors during surgeries and operations. Nursing may seem like a small insignificant profession when in really it has vast scope and a variety of functions underneath. Professional health care teams provide personalized health care treatments for individuals who are disabled, sick and ailing. Nowadays it is possible to obtain a professional training certificate by attending a nursing course. There are over 1.5 million certified nurses in the country and these numbers are only going up. Many government agencies, private firms, hospitals and institutions give this kind of training; one of them is the baltimore cna classes.

125About The Programmer

The nurse training course is called the certified nursing assistant (CNA) course and those who possess this accreditation are recognized or certified to provide health care services to people. They are employable in hospitals, in the armed forces, in nursing homes and more. Students who take this course develop skills and are trained to provide care and timely help to people in nursing homes. The course embodies the five principles of training and every aspect of the skill set is taken from these principles, they are dignity, communication, safety, independence and privacy. These courses also have on the job training and internship facilities which help with hands on skills and services. In most cases these training program requires a person to be of at least 16 years of age and they become important and indispensable members of health care teams.


Certified nursing assistants perform routine and basic duties that are of vital importance to the patients. They are supposed to bathe and dress patients when they are physically unable to. Patients with Parkinson’s, stroke and recovering individuals from accidents and surgery would require help and CNAs do this. They said doctors in their treatment by taking vital signs like blood pressure, checking for sugar and so on. They undertake the first few procedures when a patient visits the clinic or a hospital. They understand and record all signs and symptoms to assist the doctors. They also serve meals, feed the patient, keep the rooms clean and tidy for the patient.

They assist the patient, help them with their bathroom routines, give them support and encourage them. Due to their proximity with patients, they are more intuitive and understanding. In some cases, they may also assist surgeons with medical procedures. They would have to set up medical equipment, do preliminary examination and conduct some simple tests to check the progress of the patients. Most of the CNAs also offer timely help and support to patients. They hand out medicines and tablets, change the wires and drips and monitor the progress of the patient. They also act as intermediaries between doctors and patients. In many cases, they offer first aid services to victims of fire and accidents.

Small tips on saving for your kids college fund today (and not tomorrow!)

We all know that time tends to fly by and the forever popular saying of, “Time, please slow down!” seems to fall off our lips on a daily basis. We watch our children go from sleeping to rolling to crawling to walking in what feels like a wink of an eye, and the whole time we wonder, where did the time go? Regardless of what age your child is, it is never too early to start planning for their future (even if they are too young to do so.)

Education is incredibly important and the cost to send someone to college can become high if you don’t start planning while they are young. Here are a few ways to start planning for your children(s) college future without having to change too much to your your daily routine.

Stay Home

It sounds silly, but it’s true. Instead of going out for pizza on a Friday with the family, make a homemade pie with everyone. It will save money on delivery fees or tipping your server, and it gives you and the kids something fun to do together. Make them put their phones down, turn off the television, and actually spend time together instead of spending money.

Use coupons

Since it is impossible to stay in 7-days a week, there are cost-effective options for those times when spending money is inevitable. Gone are the days of clipping coupons from the Sunday paper and here are the times of money-saving websites like Groupon. With their latest installment, Groupon Coupons, you can find money-saving coupons on everything from buying gifts for a birthday party at Toys R’ Us to back-to-school supplies at Office Depot. You can cut corners without cutting quality.

The power of 5

With the holidays upon us, we are fear those dreaded credit card bills come January 1st. Instead of buying everything on everyone’s wish list, follow the simple rule of 5. Starting this holiday season, only buy your kids five things: one thing they want, wear, read, and need… And one special gift from you! Use this going forward with every birthday and holiday and you will be surprised how much you can save!

Top 10 Successful Ways to Search for a Job

When you are looking for a new job, the most important factor that determines your success rate is to develop job leads. There are ten different approaches that the job-seekers must consider using to uncover numerous job leads available.

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Some of the time-saving tips, when you are in search of a new job are as follows –

  1. Be prepared – Sign-up for a professional email address and have a voice mail in place. Use a separate mail account, which helps you stay organized during the job search.
  2. Always have your latest resume with you even though you are presently not looking for a job. This is because you never know, when a great opportunity comes knocking your door. Create a profile on job portals and make connections with those, who can help in the job search.
  3. In case, you are laid-off, right away file for unemployment benefits. Waiting can delay your benefits.
  4. Make use of inexpensive or free services, which provide job search assistance and career counselling like college career offices or local public library. Several libraries provide programs, classes, computers, workshops and printers and other resources. These will help you in the job search.
  5. Have copies of cover letter and CV ready to edit, so that, you can modify the content of your CV to match the job requirements. The contact information and the opening and closing content need not be changed.
  6. It is always a great idea to check the sample resumes and letters. This will give you an idea on how to write your job search content.
  7. Make use of job search engines to search for company sites, job boards, associations and various other sites with postings on job. Advanced search options will display jobs, which are closest match.
  8. If you are strapped for time then get professional help for writing your resume.
  9. Social networking site is a great way to get the required job listings even before they are available anywhere else. In addition, you can uphold your candidacy with the help of social media tools, which are available for companies and job seekers.
  10. Do not limit your search only to some top sites, but focus even on smaller niche websites, which concentrate on a particular career field or geographic location.

Based on your time, you can use several resources for job leads as you wish, to generate the highest and largest quality job leads.

Final Thoughts on Job Leads

Always remember that to be successful on the job search, it is vital to follow-up all job leads. After you submit your resume and cover letter to the employer, make sure to follow-up. This will help you confirm whether your resume was received by them and also you can seek info about the interview. Be professional and persistent. Don’t allow the opportunity to slip your hands.

Instead of following the cover letter-resume-application route that most of the job seekers follow, work out a way to get ahead of the crowd. Today, jobs hiring in Indianapolis Indiana want innovative and smart people. Show them that you are in both these categories and very soon you will be on your path to a new and exciting job.

Essay Structure Tips

Although essays allow for a great deal of creative freedom on the behalf of the writer, they still have to adhere to a certain structure. Essay structure is linear in its essence, which means the writers need to present the arguments for their thesis in a similar, linear fashion. While there are some occasions where you can improvise a bit, the goal is not to confuse the readers, and allow them to draw a proper conclusion from your work. While there are no strict rules about how you should structure, there are some general guidelines which can help you structure your essay and increase its impact on the reader.


1.     Come Up with an Essay Plan

One of the most efficient ways to make sure your essay structure is sound is to come up with an essay plan. While it sounds like a complicated process that takes a lot of careful planning, it is anything but. Before you start writing, take a moment to think about your essay. Go over all of the points you need to make and write them down. It will help you remain focused on the central idea of your essay. Basically, an essay plan is something that can be written down in the corner of the page and serve as a crucial reminder.

2.     Break up Your Essay into Paragraphs

Start by breaking up your essay structure into 3 segments: introduction, body, and conclusion. This makes it easier for your readers to read your work, as opposed going through a huge block of text. If you are not sure what this is supposed to look like, you can consult professionals from essay writing services, or check out one of their sample essays. Use the intro to present your thesis, the body to argue your point of view, and the conclusion to sum it all up.

3.     Body Paragraphs Need to Have Structure as Well

Each of the body paragraphs need to be structured. It is a good idea to assign one argument to each paragraph, and then order them according to their strength, saving your strongest point for last. Also, at the beginning of every paragraph, state what you’re going to discuss. Establish the reasons why you’re discussing a certain point. After that, provide a satisfactory explanation, along with your arguments as to why your theory stands. Finally, you must explain the importance of what you’re arguing, and its role in the bigger picture.

4.     Edit, Edit, Edit

While this tip can be applied to any stage of essay writing, applying it to perfect essay structure can do wonders for the quality of your work. If you have the time, take a short break, and return to your essay later, and go over its structure and some of the points. You will find that there is probably something you can do to improve it even further. Essay writing is not a competition. You don’t need to get it right on the first try.


Structuring your essay will help you get your point across more effectively, and make the entire process of essay crafting a whole lot easier. Give it a shot and you’ll see the difference immediately.

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