Get a step closer to your dream Analytics job

Analytics has revolutionized the business world forming an integral part of every corporate framework. Analytics has bestowed the organizations with the economical storage, huge processing power, and extensive analytical tools facilitating organizations in data mining that extracts important solutions manipulating massive information. This area has paved ways for opportunities galore blending powerful IT tools and knowledge of business processes to develop professionals who have the interest to follow big data trend.


Charles Babbage, the pioneer in Mathematics and a great inventor once said, “Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all.” Hence, the dynamic business environment has identified the need for analytics and data mining and analysis has become a crucial area to focus on for the growth and success of an organization. Thus, it is imperative in understanding how the organization is performing in the market.

Essential skills to be an efficient analytics professional

The skills that will take you a step closer and make you eligible for the analytics job are broadly classified into seven categories. To achieve proficiency in the area of analytics you need to train and update yourself in the following skills:

  1. Analytical skills: The most important of all is the passion for data. This aligned to the relevant professional and personal experiences of data analysis give you an edge over the others. You need to have a strong command over the various statistical tools and its usage.
  2. Technical tools: You need to be a master in Excel and various other productivity tools. Additional technical knowledge of SQL, SAS, Python etc., is an advantage. Having a strong grip over Google Analytics is a must.
  3. Qualification: A relevant education like a Bachelor’s degree in statistics, quantitative analysis or data related technical field is a necessary.
  4. Expert in Problem Solving: You need to have the knowledge and experience of solving intricate problems in a creative way considering the changing business environment.
  5. Communication skills: Analytics professional need to have impeccable verbal and written communication skills.
  6. Functional experience: Professional experiences in market analysis, lead generation, media buying and other related functional areas is like a cherry on the cake.
  7. Industry expertise: Working in a data driven area or consulting up to a considerable amount of time will increase your chances of grabbing your dream job.

For a better understanding of the various skills that you need to acquire, scan few job descriptions and prepare a matrix of required skills to identify the gaps that you need to fill up.

So what are the ways you can acquire the above-mentioned skills?

  • If you are thinking of starting it from the roots, then you can consider for a formal education in the field of computer programming, mathematics or statistics. It will help you to understand the different analytical and technical tools to build your proficiency in analytics.
  • If you are already from the computer programming background then going for a certification course in statistics or problem solving might be of help. Nowadays, diploma and short course are available for analytics job as well to give you the abridged view inculcating all the necessary tools and techniques that will help you to advance in your career of analytics.
  • If you already have a strong base of mathematics then you need to sharpen your skills in computer programming and data mining. There are plenty of courses short-term as well as long term are available that will help your mathematical skills to blend right with the technical knowledge making you an adept data analyst.
  • You can develop yourself over the years through hands-on experience as well. If you are really passionate about this job, then through self-learning and on the job training, you can gather the industrial expertise to rise up the ladder. However, for this you have to work in a data- driven environment as already mentioned above.

You can gain the above mentioned skills from numerous diploma programs if you are not planning to pursue full-time. There are numerous courses available online that will help you to imbibe the analytics knowledge. Research accordingly before enrolling for a course of your choice. Thus, Analytics hastouched every crucial point of the business scenario. Developing oneself in this role is not a tough job. You need to put in your effort, imbibe the right skills and keep your passion alive to grab your dream job in analytics. This is one of the most promising and rewarding careers, if taken seriously.

asasAuthor’s Bio: Agniva Banerjee is a writer by profession. She likes curating informative articles and blogs on diverse areas that provides a good read. This article particularly speaks about benefits of the analytics and job alert services that have made job hunting easier. Hope this enlightens the job seeker and helps them to understand how to make use of the service effectively.

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How to Improve Lifestyle After Retirement

Retirement is the beginning of a new life. A second inning of your life. It is the beginning of a new life free from the daily hectic office life. It is smart to be well prepared to start a new retired life. You will have ample time post retirement to spend on whatever luxuries you wish to spend on. You only have to plan your retirement well. Here are a few points to help you plan well.


  • Downsizing – You can sell your current bigger home to buy a small one so that some money is released to be invested in other options to give you more income in future. You can wisely invest your extra funds generated by selling off your spacious house into fixed deposits to earn more monthly. This opens the options to spend on the luxuries you want to spend on. This also gives you the option to purchase a convenient home near your near and dear ones to have a better lifestyle post retirement. You can take help from Life Magazine to plan your post retirement period.
  • Reverse Mortgage – Post retirement you will be requiring funds to spend on those things you always wanted to do. A reverse mortgage is a type of loan available to senior house owners, who mortgage their house to avail loan. There is no requirement to return this loan. They can use the monthly fund for their own expenses. Reverse mortgage is a good option to raise the required funds.
  • Look for Senior Perks – Many business joints and restaurants offer discounts to people above 55 years of age and above. They may not advertise, so better ask for discounts as you can avail the same facilities at reduced prices. This will help you in saving quite an amount. You can know about many such discounts through Life Magazine.
  • Try to Live in a No-Tax State – A few states such as Florida, Pennsylvania etc do not tax your pension and social securities. This proves to be a huge benefit. After retirement if you are willing to shift your house it will be an intelligent decision to shift to a state which will be beneficial in the long run. Magazines such as Life Magazine publish various articles with similar information.
  • Apply for Medicare – Medicare policies will cover many of your post retirement medical expenses. This will help you in spending less on your medical bills.
  • Small Side Job – Although you have retired after serving a long period and want to spend a relaxed life now, but taking up a part time job is not a bad idea. Besides keeping you active, this fetches you the extra buck to help you spend on your lifestyle. Life Magazine publishes much information to support your plan.
  • Consider the Monthly Bills – You can cut down those heads from your bill which you consider unnecessary post retirement. You can also switch over to alternatives for entertainment which are cheaper. Selling off the not to be used household items can also fetch you some money. Life magazine gives you similar tips or ideas.

A pre planned retirement helps you to spend time on those activities you enjoy. This keeps your lifestyle post retirement in the top gear.

What You should Know about the Top Benefits of Taking a Management Course

If your aim is to succeed in business, whether as an employee or as a business owner, it is always in your best interest to learn as much as you can about business management. Skills in management are something that not all of us are born with, after all – for most of us, learning to manage a business or an organisation (and to manage its people as well) is something that only comes about through the proper knowledge and training.

Whether you take a management course with the aim of getting a university degree or would like to further your skills and know-how in management by attending an online course or even a management seminar, you should know what the benefits of taking a course are. These are all outlined below:

Guest PostYou get a competitive advantage over your peers

By taking a management course, regardless of if it’s a single course or a comprehensive course, you can rest easy in the fact that you will already have gained an advantage over your peers. Even if you are already part of a business organisation, furthering your knowledge about management with a specific course and earning either a degree or certificate will send a clear message: that you have spent time and effort in enhancing your abilities and therefore deserve a second look. Business owners and employers are looking for people who can move their business or organisation forward – and the only ones who can do this are those who have the right knowledge and certification in their hands – that means you.

You are better prepared for specific and more complex job duties and responsibilities

It is only natural that business owners and employers look for people who can get the job done. This is why furthering your credentials in management will not only get you noticed – it will also secure your place in the company and allow you to be more prepared to tackle complex or difficult tasks and responsibilities. If you know what to do in given situations, then it will be easier for you to handle any task or situation. In proper management, it is also important to recognise as well as resolve any issues or problems even before they arise – and with a good set of skills and knowledge from a management course, you can do just this.

You can enhance your teamwork and teambuilding skills

For any kind of business, whether it is a small enterprise or a large corporation, teamwork and teambuilding are important. If you take a management course, you will be able to enhance your skills related to teamwork and teambuilding, which helps boost the morale of your colleagues and those that are directly under your leadership, and you will also help establish a better bond and relationship with them, and amongst them.

You can improve business productivity and efficiency

Taking a management course gives you the proper knowledge and information on how to boost and enhance the productivity and efficiency of a business with the use of tried and tested processes and methods. In turn, the business has a better chance of prosperity and longevity as well.

If you are interested in management courses in Dublin, simply visit and learn more about how their management courses can assist you in your chosen career. The Communications & Management Institute also offers advanced diplomas in HR Development, Business Management & Psychology, Event Management, Retail Operations & Operations Management, and more.


An Overview of the Major Benefits of Taking a Project Management Course

Project management plays an essential role in any business today – it not only adds organisation and order to the methods and processes of a company; it also ensures the better chance of success of any particular project undertaken by a business enterprise, big or small.

If you are aiming to have a career in project management and are not sure where to start, what you could do to help yourself is take a course or certification in project management. With the right project management course and training, you will be able to harness the skills and knowledge needed for the successful management of a project from start to finish.

But whether you are planning to take a simple course or certification or a full-blown diploma in project management, you should also be aware of what benefits you can really get from it.

The main benefits of taking a course in project management:

Guest PostYou will learn how to assess the needs and resources of an organisation

With the right training and know-how in project management, you will learn how to properly assess and determine the needs and resources of any enterprise or organisation. Resources for companies today come in different forms, be it in manpower or labour, in time, or in finances. If you take a project management course and earn certification, you can learn how to make full use of these resources and estimate how much is needed of each for every particular project or undertaking – and this also means being able to set realistic goals and expectations when it comes to labour, time, and budget.

You will learn how to manage your time

For many of us, time is important – in fact, we can all say that time is of the essence in many situations. As an individual, you should already be aware of this. In project management, time is even more vital. However, with the right training and certification in project management, you will learn how to manage and balance your time and set the right objectives and goals accordingly. You will also learn how to maximise your time so you can accomplish more at a shorter period and set realistic goals as well.

You will learn how to create and maintain proper documentation and records

Any sort of project needs the proper documentation and records – everything needs to be written down clearly, and this documentation starts from the time the project is being planned, continues during the project, and even after the project is finished. With a good project management course, you can learn how to create the right documents and records which anybody in the company can refer to and which may even be used for future reference.

Learn how to harness your skills in information technology

In this day and age, almost everything is done electronically. This age of information (and information systems) can be confusing if you don’t know how to work with electronic data and processes. In project management, there are a host of programmes and applications that are being used today in order to keep track of records and data, project milestones, and other accomplishments (or setbacks). With a proper project management course, you can learn how to work with these types of systems and applications and even be comfortable with them.

Those who are interested in taking project management courses can turn to premier institutions like the Communications & Management Institute (learn more about their project management courses and other offerings at When determining where you can take your course and receive certification, look for institutes that are accredited and recognised both nationally and internationally.

How To Choose the Right Accounting Homework Help – Useful Tips

There is no doubt that accountancy, commerce and other related subjects continue to be very relevant for job and career seekers as they were around a few decades ago. Whenever company is started, the main objective is to make money. But there should be some ways and means by which the company is able to find out whether it is heading in the right direction as far as its business objectives and profitability are concerned. Towards this objective the need for quality book-keeping and accountancy is of paramount importance. Accountancy and book keeping cannot be done by default and it calls for going through the right courses. Towards this objective opting for the right accounting course is very important. While there are brick and mortar colleges on the one hand, there are also online institutes which also offer various degrees pertaining to accountancy and commerce.


Why the Need for Outside Help

While all this is fine, there is no doubt that accountancy and commerce relate courses need lot of focus and hard work. It would call for spending time to understand the subjects and logics behind it. This in itself will consume lot of time. On the other hand there are many home based assignments that need to be completed. This takes up lot of time and effort and it certainly very taxing on students. Even normal students who are not employed find completion of these tasks a challenging task. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that there are many third party sources that are ready to help out in this. These are often referred to as accounting assignment help centres. They certainly help a lot in timely completion of the assignments and help them to also complete the course on time. It would therefore be interesting to have a closer look at the reasons why they are so very popular.

They Are Very Professional

When one chooses the right accounting homework help professionals it would be useful in more ways than one. Students are dealing with professionals who carry with them lot of experience and expertise. . While there could be individuals who could take up such assignments for students, there are many organizations that have a big team of such assignment writers. They are all very experienced and some of them could be chartered accountants and other such highly qualified persons. Hence, there are many advantages and benefits when one decides to get in touch with these professionals.

How They Work

When on chooses these accounting assignment writers they can be sure about certain things. They can be certain that they will get the best quality assignments. These professionals use lot of information sources and therefore students can be sure that they are getting the best assignments written. They use lot of references and look up various online and brick and mortar libraries before completing the assignments. They will always be in touch with the students and ensure that they are totally satisfied with the progress of the assignments. Professional assignment writers are also known for adhering to strict timelines which could be quite demanding on many occasions. Hence when all the above factors are taken together there are reasons to believe that they make life easier for students from many points of view. They are also very cost effective.



Writing is one of the best modes of overexpressing the creativeness. Everyone during the school time has written the essays which are the best example of the creative writing. Everyone can wish to make a good essay, however it is not so easy. There are some rules to make an essay best among all. Essay writing can be divided basically into two broad segments named concrete or material and abstract. The material essays are written on the subjects which are either living or nonliving objects. On the other hand the abstract writing is the way where the imaginary power plays the best role. In the material essay writing the writer has to gather information by visiting the specific place or getting the item by self. Whatever the mode of essays is, it is important to do an extensive research on the subject so that the readers will be able to get the best information. It is also should be remembered that the essays must be interesting instead of being only informative.


What should be remembered to make the best essay?

Although essay writing is not a mode of marketing, it also needs to be made in such a way so that the demand of the readers could be fulfilled. The writer should like it to invent and uncover the demand of the subject as well as the readers so that he or she will be able to put the best effort to make a novel writing on a specific subject. The writer can use good phrases and idioms to make it more attractive but it should be also remembered that those words should not make the essay cumbersome. A good writing means the style which is acceptable to every category of readers. To make the essay full of information the writer may visit the place of interest or search the internet for the important detail on the subject. Without the proper information the material essays will not be the best one.

The components of an essay which should be known

It should be known about the formation of the essay. What are the basic components of the essays? An essay is made of three important parts which are all interconnected. Those are the introduction which is made for the basic information and meaning of the subject; the body which gives the detail of the topic and can be consisted of various paragraphs; and conclusion which reflects the opinion of the writer. If all parts are made well then only the whole writing would be a good creation.

Custom essay service

There are many websites which provides the custom essay service providing the writing which are made to fulfill the reader’s demand. The new writers can take the idea from here also. The custom essay writing service includes most of the categories comprising of material or abstract. It is the best place to get the customized essays according to the demand. If someone has many items to be written and each article is of different category then they would like it to visit the professional essay writing sites for best help.

Healthy Motivation: Challenge Your Child’s Learning

An education without challenge leaves a child with few benefits for entering into a responsible adulthood. Without a motivation to learn, children can become bored with school and complacent about studying. When challenge is added to a child’s curriculum via a teacher, school program, or mentor, education can be transformed into a daily adventure the child looks forward to.

Private Education

For some parents, obtaining a private school education is the best option to guarantee their children receives the necessary challenges to boost their creativity and learning skills. Private schools have many benefits to offer students and their families. According to Cape, some of the benefits of a private school include the following:

.   Sets higher standards of learning

.   Inspires the desire to learn

.   Challenges students to excel

.   Higher number of students complete advanced-level courses

.   Students display higher performance rates

.   Higher standards for graduation

.   Higher college acceptance rates

.   Prepare students for real world competition

.   Higher NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) scores

.   Higher rates of student’s achieving bachelor’s or advanced degree in their mid- twenties

Challenges and Communication

Mounds Park Academy (MPA), a private middle school in St. Paul MN, states that in addition to academic challenges, students need to be encouraged to become independent thinkers. Learning to communicate, verbally and in writing, should also be high on the agenda of middle school students.

Private schools provide students with a greater opportunity to develop and trust their own thought processes. One of the greatest benefits a private education gives a student is the knowledge of how to think. Many public schools simply tell the children what to think, limiting the creativity of their ideas. With this type of educational training, students are able to tackle problems with confidence and find viable solutions. Private schools also foster cultural awareness and social conscious. Students from many other countries send their children to private schools in the United States to better prepare them for university and a career. The influx of foreign students to American private schools provides an opportunity for US students to learn about other cultures firsthand and better understand the complexities that reflect the challenges of a diverse world.

If you are considering private school for one or more of your children, the benefits they receive from the education provided will play a major role in the successes of their personal life and career. A private education is the best life advancement tool a graduate can have.

Tips to Finding Trabalhar No Exterior

interculturalAre you currently eyeing an opportunity to trabalhar no exterior? Do you believe that you have what it takes to be able to build a career in a foreign country? Working in another country delivers a truly unique and wonderful experience. Not only does it provide you new experiences, it also exposes you to a different culture, a new language, different personalities as you meet new people and a more broadened perspective of the world per se. This is but icing to a cake as you widened your resume as an expat worker. But before you go all gooey-eyed at the prospect of going to work in strappy sandals or in knee-high winter boots, here are some important tips to take into mind:

Dive In

Working abroad takes a lot of commitment. You need to be sold out to the whole idea regardless of opportunities missed at home. Many people who decide to work offshore in a heartbeat without putting much commitment to it easily give up their agenda when faced with a challenge or when more bountiful opportunities pop up at home. Apart from building an ideal carrier in another country, you need to remember that as only part and parcel of why you are there. Experience is a wise teacher and, the insights you learn from working in another country will definitely broaden your perspective about life per se.

Enrol in Cursos de Idiomas

Prior to applying for a job abroad, you might want to consider working on your language skills. Once you have a country in mind, find out what language it uses and enrol in a course that will teach you some of the commonly used expressions in that place. Applying to an English-speaking country will always require you to speak English so does learning Portuguese in Portuguese-speaking countries, and so on. Some countries, however, are bilingual. Philippines, for instance, can accept non-Filipino speaking expats so long as they can carry understandable English language skills. At best, learning a new language will help open new doors for your plan to work abroad.

Find an Experienced Referral

Feel free to research for referrals. Online forums in your place built specifically to spread information on jobs abroad will be of great help. You can communicate with actual compatriots who are currently living in your desired place and probably, a connection long before you are there. When you have already decided on the place, you may also reach out to friends, family, and co-workers. There is a good chance that some of these people know someone who had been through the same ordeal as you are and can refer you to them. With hands-on experience and information, you can easily breeze through the process.

Travel Cum Immersion

If you have the money to splurge, travelling to your place of interest and immersing with its culture for a few weeks will give you a clearer perspective and expectations. Some individuals highly recommend taking language classes while visiting a country to give one hands-on experience straight from local teachers. Sometimes, there are also individuals who choose to live in family-run bed and breakfast where they can easily hobnob with the locals and learn the basics from them. To save on living expenses, you may also try going for volunteer programs that allow you free living expenses in exchange for a few simple tasks.

Exchange Programs

If you are currently working in a multinational company, you might want to consider talking to your human resource department. Some companies have Intercambio programs which you can qualify for. Some of the most common job programs thrive in technology, oil and refining, teaching, finance, manufacturing, and other technical-based jobs.


Intercultural Cursos no Exterior
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Phone : 55 48 91761968


5 Reasons you must visit Pune India

In this writing we are going to explore the Pune city and give you 5 exclusive reasons to visit Pune –

For tourism purpose:

Tourists love Pune city because of its comfortable weather and pleasing climate which is prevailing throughout the year. So Tourists like to visit Pune at anytime.  Sri balaji mandir, western Ghats, Sinhagad fort, Rajgad fort, Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum and several other historical and heritage places are there. Besides, travelers can visit the surrounding area. As Pune is one of the popular tourist spots, property dealers in Pune are giving a wide range options to the visitors, so that they can stay and enjoy the Pune trip.

For study purpose:

If someone is planning to pursue higher study, he or she can visit Pune. MSB educational institute, Trinity Institute of Management and Research, Indian Institute of Education, Symbiosis International University, Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute are well known educational institutions. On the other side Pune is very safe city, so students can freely visit here, even in midnight it is as safe as daytime. In Pune low budget flat or housing complex is specially developed for the students, so students are requested they meet trustworthy real estate agents in Pune to avail these kinds of flat.

IT hub:

Now Pune city is known for its IT hub, a lot of multinational companies are coming here and open their branch, so naturally employment generating rate is quite high  and techies visit this city for their job, not only technical workers, non technical workers also visit here, over all the growth of IT industry in Pune is remarkable and IT workers from different cities and different states are coming to Pune. Therefore real estate agents in Pune are offering a lot of alternatives to give them proper accommodation.

Exterior of home with 'for sale' sign in front yard

Impressive infrastructure:

Pune is a planned city, so while anyone visits Pune, one of the most striking features would be its impressive infrastructure. The way Pune city has been planned and developed it is amazing, its social infrastructure, road, highways, buildings, constructions everything is designed in planned and organized way. Pune is famous for its bakery products also, so naturally national and international food lovers and food bloggers visit Pune to taste cakes, cookies, breads, biscuits etc. Social infrastructure helps visitors to search the bakeries, well known hotel and restaurant etc. Once visitors inform property dealers in Pune, they would offer them an appropriate house and it is guaranteed.

Features of the house: 

As we earlier said that the Pune is planned city, so naturally all the buildings, constructions, commercial places are designed and developed in planned way, so all the modern and essential amenities are found. All most in every apartment buyers would get parking place, play ground. 2BHK, 3BHK rooms with dining drawing, kitchen and attached bath are normally available, but if someone is looking for luxury house or apartment real estate agents in Pune can show youas there are a lot of luxury and modern style housing complex have been developed where luxury bathroom or modern luxury kitchen set up has been attached.

Builder’s profile:  

In Pune, a number of builders are building new modern style housing complex, its architectural shape and size is bit different and unique. And most of builders are working over a decade in this sector.


Property dealers in Pune are very resourceful and well organized, so while visitors visit Pune, they will not face any problems because of their guidance.



Nursing is one of the best professions in present times

Nursing is undoubtedly one of the thrilling professions and is a satisfying career. There are a number of positions which you can choose from. The best part about this profession is that you serve people and help the deceased person. You can join the nursing profession while studying and then progress with time.

People entering this profession enroll themselves for a course from a reputed university. One such university is University of Cincinatti. The best part of such programs is that it is limited to a few months. In UC’s masters in health informatics program you get a chance to learn the main basics of nursing. When you start working with a hospital you will be in the supervision of a registered nurse. This gives you a chance to attain sufficient amount of experience. With the time you will be well experienced to become a registered nurse.

You will get plethora of opportunities while working as a registered nurse. Many people have formed an image of nurse as someone who is present in doctor’s cabin. But nurses are an integral part of nursing profession. The duty of nurses is just not limited to checking blood pressure or weight of the patient. They will very minutely observe the changes occurring in patient’s body and record them. Further they also help the doctor in medical procedures. They give comfort and feel at home feeling to the patient. A homely environment will help in speedy recovery of patient. Yet another type of nurse is the home nurse. They pay visit to patient’s home to help them with medicines, change of bandage and record vital signs.

People who want to make a nursing their career, nursing opportunities in a hospital is apt for them. The best part about this profession is the flexibility of time. You need to work in shifts so you can adjust the time accordingly. Moreover variety of working environment is available in the hospital. You can opt for ICU or OPD or nursing the new-born to old people.

Today many people are inclined towards this profession. One of the basic reasons for this is handsome salary. But it should be remembered that soft hearted people cannot join this profession. You will see many deaths and so you should be well prepared for that. Death and sickness will become a part and parcel of your life. Apart from you also need to be friendly as you have to interact with patients and their family. Although with practice and experience you will learn to interact with people.

The way you conduct yourself will also help you in earning respect for yourself. One of the ways to earn respect is to always keep your words. Make only those promises which you can complete. Another way is by being transparent. Always be crystal clear to yourself and you patients.

So overall nursing is a rewarding profession. It is one profession that you will be proud to be associated with. There cannot be any feeling better than serving the sick and needy people.