SSC Result 2016 BD

28 Mar

SSC Exam 2016 BD begun on 1st February 2016 and finished on 14th March includes practice exams. SSC Results 2016 BD will release for Commerce, Science, Humanities Group on 2016 May. Learn more here

Total 13, 04,275 students has appeared current year in 3,143 centers from 28,120 institutions under eight education boards. Among them, 6, 61,765 were girls and 6, 42,508 were boys. About 19,000 more girls than boys have attended in 2016 SSC exam current year. There are 6,825 students out of 1,651,525 were not present on the initial day of SSC and equivalent examination. Approximately 172,255 more students attended the SSC 2016 examination than last year.

For the initial time seven autistic students were joining the SSC examination. Students go plus twenty minutes to finish exams with support of their scribes and unique children like-down syndrome and autistic got plus thirty minutes to be accompanied with teacher, parents and helper.

Vocational Education Board titled as Bangladesh Technical Education Board. BTEB was before “The East Pakistan Education Technical Board that work with effect from 1969 June. The BTEB regulate, control, arrange and develop technical education and SSC vocational exam result 2016 BD.

When SSC Result 2016 BD will release?

SSC Result 2016 BD will declare within 2 months of exams. Last SSC BD result 2014 released on 17th May 2014 and SSC Result BD 2015 released on 30th May 2015. So current year SSC result BD 2016 will be released on May is the 5th month of the current year.

How to get SSC Result 2016 BD?

You can get your SSC BD results 2016 one of two ways is known as via SMS or directly from Bangladesh Education Board Computer Center or database.

It is completely depend up to you. You need to understand that if you check your SSC 2016 Result online. It is fully free. To check your online results just visit link and select result type, passing year and education board.

To get results in your mobile phone, just type SSC 1st three letters of your Bangladesh board then Roll Number and send the message to 16222 to get SSC Result 2016 BD.

SSC Exam 2016 Result BD Grade point, mark sheet, subject wise grade number will be release same time. Many students current year will be getting A+ or their wish result but some of the students will not obtain their wish result. Some students wish to overlook their exam paper by examiner.



The use of juvenile boot camp programs for troubled teens

25 Jun

Based on the principles of military basic training, juvenile boot camps are short-term programs that seek to rehabilitate teenagers with behavioral problems. According to Wood Creek Academy, it’s important for parents to fully understand how these boot camps work before they send their kids off for disciplinary training.


Most of these boot camps are part of the juvenile correctional system; teenagers convicted of a first offense who would otherwise be sentenced to jail or probation are instead sentenced to the boot camp for three to six months. Other programs are privately-operated and allow parents to directly place their troubled teenagers in a boot camp environment.

These programs for troubled teens follow the same structure as military basic training, involving drills and physical labor. Drill instructors lead teenagers in squads, and a strict structure is imposed with little free time for teenage participants. Ceremonies for incoming and graduating teenagers bookend the typical program. In an attempt to rehabilitate juvenile offenders, most programs include a therapeutic element intended to reduce recidivism rates. Many programs follow up with former participants to continue the therapeutic programs. Additionally, these boot camps are required to provide academic instruction to participants.

The first juvenile boot camp was instituted in the mid-1980s in Louisiana. After rising in popularity in the mid-1990s, only 11 states used boot camps for offending youths as of 2009.

The idea of using a boot camp for teenagers is not without controversy. Not all states use boot camps for youthful offenders, some use wilderness therapy or boarding schools.


How To Be A Friendlier Caregiver

23 Jun

You went to school to be a nurse or some other helper, from nanny to Hospice caregiver, and now you work in your field of choice. You have a lot of stressful days, and it can wear you out. Working in the emergency room, or working for a brain surgeon, can add extra stress to your life and sometimes it’s hard to put a smile on your face.

The thing is, as a caregiver needs to be caring, even when it doesn’t seem like anyone cares about you. How do you do that? Well, the first step is to fake a smile until it becomes a real one.

After that, you need to make sure that you are caring for yourself too. When you aren’t at work make sure to give yourself some focus time. That could be something as simple as taking a bubble bath or meditating, or something better like a massage or taking a spa day on your day off.

Put Yourself Second

When you are at work, though, you need to put yourself second. Your home issues and your own health issues don’t matter to your patients. They need your undivided attention, and if you are busy focusing on yourself you can’t give that to them.

Give your patients the attention they want and need. Some will need more from you than others, and the amount they need may also somewhat depend on what kind of caregiver you are. But, not matter what your job is, your priority is caring for others.

Be Empathetic

Put yourself in the patient’s shows. This can really help you be more caring and understanding. You won’t always be able to understand exactly what someone else is going through, but you can always be sympathetic to it.

When you have a patient who has no family and needs that feeling of someone that truly cares, you can be there for them. When you have a patient that is in their last moments, you might be the last person they see and the last voice they hear, be a kind one.

Be Giving

As a caregiver, you also need to be extremely giving, of yourself, your affection, and your time. You don’t want to give your patient everything, or you won’t have much left for your own family, so you also need to know when to draw the line in your giving. Compassion and companionship are a couple of the most important things to give to patients.


In return, they give you a sense of well being. They remind you of why you went to school to be a nurse or a hospice worker. They give you so much in return, like that wonderful feeling of knowing that you do something amazing for other people every single day.

Finding The Right Assignment Writing Service

22 Jun

For a student who has never ventured in to the world of online essay writing services before, the process can seem like a very daunting and risky thing to explore. Whereas ordering essays online was once seen as something completely negative, in the last few years the custom essay writing industry has experienced an explosion in popularity, with more students choosing to outsource their work than ever before. The trick to not being disappointed in your essay ordering experience is to find the perfect company for your specific needs. Follow these guidelines for finding the perfect assignment writing service.

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  1. Consult A Review Site

It is essential that, rather than going with the first service that you find on a web search, you instead head to a review site that gives you honest and truthful user reviews of individual essay writing services. One of our personal favourites is, a site that has reviews of numerous services providing essay help and can point students in the right direction when it comes to deciding on a team to put your money and your trust in.

  1. Look For Plagiarism Guarantees

No matter which company you decide to go for, one of the most important things you have to look for on their website is the promise that every single sentence of work that you receive will be 100% original content, completely free of plagiarism and not at risk of causing a red flag for any anti-plagiarism software that your school or university might choose to run. Many of the lesser-reputed essay help services will do little research and simply copy and paste content from other sites on the web, this is definitely not what you want to happen.

  1. Beware Of Super Low Prices

We all love a good discount or deal, but when it comes to the world of online essay writing, the general rule applies that if something seems too good be true, then it most probably is. Beware of sites that offer dissertation length pieces of work for pennies: something about that does not add up when you consider that a professional writer is supposed to be writing your essay for you. You shouldn’t be paying through the roof, but you also shouldn’t be paying almost nothing. The price that you pay will ultimately reflect the quality of the work that you receive, so be wary of low prices.

  1. Look For Promises Of Constant Contact

To ensure that you have the most relaxed and stress free online essay writing possible, you should be looking for a company that offers constant communication between you and the writer who is completing your essay for you. Being able to get in touch with the writer when you want means that not only can you track its progress, but you can also add ideas and argument points to the essay to continue to make it as much a piece of your own work as possible. The more it sounds like your own voice, the better it will be.

Careers That Are Great For People Who Just Want to Help

21 Jun

The helpers in society are very special people. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are or what needs to be done, if there is a need, helpers will do anything in their power to see that they can make the strain on others less difficult to deal with. Not everyone is like this, so it’s important that those who have a heart to help and love on people and other living things are put in the right job positions.

You know what it’s like going into a business establishment and seeing that the person assigned to tending to your needs has no passion for what they do. In many fields, this can be a major detriment to the good that can be done. If you’re somebody who has a heart to help in any capacity, or you know somebody who does, here are careers that are great for such individuals:

Anything Animal Related

If you have a huge heart and love helping when there is a need, a career in any animal related field might be perfect for you. Animals are special because they love with no boundaries. Look into being a dog walker or a dog sitter, a groomer, a trainer, or even a veterinarian. The latter will present you with circumstances and decisions that may be hard for your sensitive heart, but when an animal comes in with a need and you’re able to save their life and make a difference, there is nothing that beats that.

Be An Artist

If you have a desire to help and want that to be a big part of your career, a profession as an artist might not exactly be the first thing you think of, but here’s why it’s a possibility: Artists feel the burdens, needs, emotions, passions, joys and experiences of the world and they commit it to something. They pour all of that into a medium that can then be enjoyed by other people. Catharsis happens through the arts.

You can be an actor and portray a situation in a way that brings somebody else freedom. You can sing a song and an individual can be moved to tears for the first time in years. There is power to help in being an artist, so think on it and don’t disregard it because it’s not conventionally what you would think of.

A Counselor

This category is pretty broad. You could counsel children in school, you could be a marriage counselor, a life counselor, you could be a substance abuse counselor and help people define their goals for treatment of whatever they’re facing. Counseling is a prime way to see change in people’s lives. It comes with it’s challenges, but the rewards are better than the rewards of any other career path.

For prospective Students: Typical careers and income after college

06 Jun

Are you a school leaver considering further study? An older person thinking about becoming a mature student? Going to university or college is a big investment of money and time. Therefore when choosing a higher or further education course it is vital to know what the career and earning prospects will be at the end of it. In this article we will first discuss the career advantages enjoyed by people who continue their education after school leaving age. Secondly we give some advice regarding the multitude of different course options and how to go about finding the right one for you. Finally we will review the job and income possibilities offered by specific subjects in the USA.

Career and Income Advantages of College Study

Studying means expense and several years without a regular income. Many students look enviously at friends who went straight to work from school and question whether it is worth it. The fact is that in the long run studying at university or college brings numerous benefits in terms of jobs and earning:-

Earning Power: Statistics from across the world consistently show the same thing; there is a significant difference in earnings between people who started work after school and those who studied and this increases over time. While recent graduates may find themselves earning less than friends who didn’t study within a few years they will out earn them and after a decade or more the gap can grow very big indeed.

Interesting and Rewarding Jobs: Going to college or university qualifies you for a professional or highly skilled job. This kind of work will challenge and stimulate you every day and over time you will gain more and more responsibility. The kinds of jobs open to high school leavers are often while necessary monotonous and with little prospect of advancement.

International Reach: The labour market is becoming increasingly globalised. Those who study at university or college find that their skills and knowledge make them attractive to employers across the world. This gives them a much wider choice of job opportunities as well as letting them enjoy the lifestyle and earning benefits of the expat worker. People who have not studied after school are less likely to have internationally transferable skills and so their options are more limited.

Education and Wealth

Choosing a course

Choosing a course can seem bewildering and overwhelming. The key is to identify your key criteria in deciding whether a course is right for you. Here is an overview of the important considerations that go into finding a course that is right for you. Begin by thinking about these questions so you don’t waste time researching unsuitable courses or institutions: 1. What do I want to study: We will discuss this in more detail below. 2. Where do I want to study: How close do you want to be to your family? Would it be advantageous for you to study in a different country? Do you prefer living in a big city or a small town? 3.

How much does it cost: Identify a realistic budget and focus on institutions and courses that will fit it. 4. Entry Requirements. Most universities and colleges have minimum entry requirements (normally relating to school grades and language level). Identify these from the outset. So, how to do you go about sorting through universities and colleges to find ones that are suitable for you? An excellent option is This website has a search function that lets you filter courses based on location, fees, courses and entry requirements. This is really useful as you can narrow down which institutions match your basic criteria best before you begin the time-consuming process of researching them individually. You can even apply to universities and colleges through this website, and their advisers will help you with the process and to present your application in the best possible way.

Job and Income Prospects for Different Courses

A 2015 US Census Bureau survey released some interesting statistics on careers and lifetime salaries for graduates in different subjects. Here are the top five: 1. Engineering (Average lifetime earnings $3.4 million). Engineering is renowned for being an intellectually challenging subject and with good reason. However it certainly pays off in terms of earning power and interesting work. What’s more this is a profession with global reach enabling you to work across the world. Engineers of all varieties are in constant demand; although petroleum engineers were expected to have the highest starting salaries. 2. Computer science (Average lifetime earnings $3.1 million). This is an area which is constantly expanding and new jobs are appearing all the time.

Like engineering this is truly an international job. Computing managers tend to earn the most as do those with a particular specialisation. 3. Maths and Science (Average lifetime earnings $2.6 million for science and $3.1 million for maths). Graduates in these fields are well respected for their intellectual ability and transferable skills and are in demand across a wide range of industries. 4. Business (Average lifetime earnings $2.6 million). Unsurprisingly business graduates tend to earn high salaries. There is a massive range of jobs that come under the business heading and salaries vary accordingly with managers tending to earn the most and office support workers the least. 5. Agriculture and natural resources (Average lifetime earnings: $2.6 million). A surprising fifth place jobs in this sector are essential for humanity and are well rewarded accordingly. The survey also showed high lifetime salaries for graduates in healthcare communications social sciences and humanities.

Love what you do

Although it is certainly wise to research job and income prospects before deciding which course to study at college it is also important to study something that you genuinely enjoy and feel you have an aptitude for. You will need both these qualities to get through several years of demanding college study not to mention your working life! If you do something you don’t like you will be unhappy and it’s unlikely that you will make much progress. Ultimately if you are passionate and talented in what you do you will find a way to make it pay. Remember many people would argue that the definition of career success is to make a living from something you love doing.

Grant Writing Training: 5 Steps To Success

02 Jun

Grant writing is an important skill in today’s workplace, particularly if you work in any corner of the nonprofit world, such as in a public clinic or a state university. With money greatly needed but not widely available, competition for grants can grow intense, with dozens or hundreds of applications for only a few funding opportunities.

But of course, grant writing isn’t like what most of us have practiced in school – it doesn’t resemble an academic paper or chemistry lab – so it’s important to pass along the skills to young professionals. For these workers, grant writing is a valued career development skill.

If you want to offer grant writing training in your workplace or other educational program, here are 5 key components you’ll want to include to ensure student success:

  1. Focus On Form: Grants require a certain format, and any good training program will want to help students internalize this structure before working on any other skill. While there are a few variations depending on the field, all grants need a cover letter, summary, information about the problem and goals at hand, and a sample budget.Of course, don’t forget to review the specifics of any given grant – varying from the prescribed form will get your grant handily rejected – but learning the form is step one in the training process.
  2. Bring In The Experts: Grant writing is a challenging task, but some people are better at it than others. They simply have a feel for the genre, what Steve Trautman Co might call the “secret sauce.” By putting true masters in the position to lead knowledge transfer, you ensure your students will get the best grant writing education possible.
  3. Emphasize Metrics: Knowing how to measure the success of past projects is an important part of writing a grant. You need to choose the right factors to measure, track them appropriately, but not extrapolate or measure too much. Over-measuring takes up valuable time and when excessive metrics are put into a grant it can look like you’re covering up other shortcomings.
  4. Be Honest: Grants don’t need to reflect a history of absolute success. In fact, areas where you were challenged and even failed can show a lot about your character and ability to overcome difficulties. This helps demonstrate to funders that if you encounter a challenge while working on this project, you’ll be prepared to face it head on.
  5. Focus On Language: While great writing can be used to obfuscate a lack of knowledge, funders will expect that grant writers have a firm grasp of language and can write with accuracy and clarity. Often, to reach this skill level, new writers will have to practice, practice, practice. The more sample grants they write and revise, the better they’ll get at the task. Leave lots of room in your training program for drafting and revision.

Grant writing skills are widely in demand in the workplace today, so training your students and entry level professionals in this skill will stand them in good stead. While you can learn to write grants through necessity, you’ll see greater success with training and practice. It’s a tough task, but when grant award letters arrive, it’s also a rewarding one.

MLM Leads

01 Jun

You can generate MLM leads in two ways, by purchasing them, or generating them organically. There are many warnings and some negative opinions attached to buying leads, but it would be foolish to dismiss this idea immediately. Some people have started their businesses this way and others rely entirely on bought leads for their operation. Buying leads requires a financial investment, but it can save you a lot of time and effort.

An advantage of organically generating leads is that it does not have to cost anything. It does, however, require a large investment of your time. If you can spare the time it takes to attract leads to you and you enjoy the process, then this might be the better option.

Let us look at how to acquire leads organically.

1) Set up your brand

Before talking to anyone about your business, make sure that you define your brand. What is it that makes you and your product or service unique? What expertise and value do you offer? Why should people join you?

When you know the answers to these questions, make sure that your website accurately represents what your brand truly is. Present yourself as a leader and make your site a destination for expertise. You can demonstrate this via blogging and guest articles. Writing relevant articles is a great way to build your presence online and you should submit them to e-zines and newsletters. Blogging gives you a platform from which you can freely address your niche. By blogging regularly, you will be able to see an increase in your web traffic.

2) Get traffic

To get more views of your website, you can attract users from high-traffic social networking websites.  Consider using Pinterest and YouTube, in addition to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is possible to receive enough traffic to run your business just by working these sites and directing them to your personal website. This method allows you to have more control and you will be able to turn your prospects into leads.

Paid strategies for getting traffic from social networks are also an option, but over time it is possible to acquire enough free, organic traffic to build your business. A combination of the two approaches is also a viable option.

If you opt for paying for traffic to any extent, be very careful with your finances. You are likely to lose money on early campaigns while you learn what works and what does not. Educate yourself as much as possible using books, videos and any other current resources on the subject.

3) Capture leads

Now that you have the potential customer on your website, what happens next?

This is where you can gather information on your visitors and convert them into leads. A particularly effective way of doing this is to give them something valuable in exchange for their email address. People guard their contact details closely to avoid being spammed, so make sure your offer is enticing.

After that, you can use an auto-responder to ensure that they automatically receive an acknowledgement and thank you message as well as the enticing offer you promised them for signing up with you.

An auto-responder can send a series of emails to new sign ups, providing them with more information, and offering them more value. When you have built rapport and trust with your subscribers, you will be in a strong position to market your products and services to your list.

Whichever method of generating MLM leads you take, whether organic or purchased, write an MLM leads generation plan and make sure it has actionable, achievable, time-sensitive goals. Be consistent, stay focused and watch your business grow.

3 Great Careers In the Medical Field With The Fewest Years of Schooling

31 May

It is widely recognized that the medical field can offer decent pay with good job security. Unfortunately, many people who are interested in a medical field job find themselves lacking time and money for extended years of schooling. With many doctors going to school for 8 years or more, it can be hard for individuals with family or other responsibilities to find the time.

Fortunately, there are many awesome careers within the medical field that do not require a bachelor’s degree to begin work. For those who have kids at home and still need to support the family, the schooling required for these jobs may be completed online or in night classes. Included here are a few medical field jobs that require the fewest years of schooling.

Dental Hygienist

If you have ever received a bill from a dentist, you know how costly their services can be. Dentists charge a lot for their work and their practices typically thrive financially. For those who are not ready to take on the 8 years of schooling and increased suicide risk of becoming a dentist, working as a dental hygienist may be your happy medium.

Hygienists typically attend a trade school or community college for two years before obtaining their degree. Hygienists are in a high-demand field, and typically have many job offers upon completing school. Remember that you must be comfortable with a high-stress work environment, and getting up close and personal with other people’s mouths.


For those who want to avoid all of the gorey details in the medical field, working as an optician may be your best option. Dispensing opticians are the individuals who fit eyeglasses and train you in contact lens use. Salary in this job varies greatly by state and employer, but most will make about the same as a teacher.

Perhaps the best benefit of working as an optician is that your training is primarily performed on the job. Most dispensing opticians worked as apprentices before they took their state licensure exams; this means no extra schooling outside of high school and paid training!

Medical Assistant

One of the most commonly pursued jobs in the medical field is that of medical assistant. In essence, a medical assistant can work in almost any specialty after two years of school. Medical assistants do well in general practice, as well as ophthalmology, orthotics, hospitals, retirement homes, emergency rooms, chiropractic, and medical labs.

Be aware that most medical assistants will attend school for two years and be expected to perform all general tasks within a medical office. This could be anything from checking blood pressure to drawing blood and administering medication.

Physical And Occupational Therapy: Careers That Give Back

31 May


Physical and occupational therapists enjoy rich careers in which they get to give back, helping others grow and strengthen in a range of ways, from developing gross motor skills used for walking, running, and lifting, to mastering daily tasks such as writing, eating, or learning to use a computer.

Some people come to physical and occupational therapists to recover from an accident or injury while others have sought the care of people in this field due to a disability they’ve had since birth. In either case, working with the patients is a mutually beneficial and enriching experience.

Qualifications For OT And PT Careers

To be an occupational therapist, you typically need a Masters degree in the field, while to be a PT you need to receive the title of Doctor of Physical Therapy through a qualified program. While these programs take some time to complete, now is an excellent time to pursue them as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the outlook for these positions is strong, with both fields growing much faster than average.

The growth in both of these fields is related to advancements in all other areas of medicine. From premature infants who wouldn’t have survived birth and early infancy in the past to advancements in trauma medicine that saves lives after accidents or geriatric medicine helping us all to live longer – many people treated by these other fields end up requiring the assistance of physical and occupational therapists.

An Average Workday

OTs and PTs perform a range of tasks and may work in many different settings. Some provide care in hospitals, while others work in schools, independent practices, or client’s homes. PTs often work alongside or integrate aspects of massage therapy into their work, helping clients loosen tense muscles and heal underlying injuries. Both fields require extensive knowledge of human anatomy, particularly musculature, and massage work ahead of other PT exercises can warm up the muscles and increase motion and flexibility.

Compared to PTs, OTs do work that tends to have more specific goals. Often they work with patients to help them relearn vocational skills after a stroke or help them build strength to perform activities of daily living independently, such as bathing or preparing food.

You can see the work of OTs and PTs at work in the life of Tracy Morgan, a famous comedian who was badly hurt in a 2014 car accident. Morgan has received extensive PT and OT to help him adjust to using a wheelchair and recover many daily living skills lost due to head trauma.

Finally, if you’re considering work as an OT or PT, you’ll be happy to know that individuals in these fields love their jobs. Most report great satisfaction in having an active job that keeps them away from their desks and allows them to help others. With such a high level of job satisfaction and significant field growth predicted in coming years, these are ideal careers for determined and committed individuals.

Inform Your Youngster to Learn To Read in Fun Method

28 May

Program a vacation towards the catalogue and consider the overall family members. Initially, it’s constantly fantastic introducing the kids to the majority of books which can be available to them. Present to them the photographs, beautiful shades, drawings, present publications about their favorite things. Presenting these sorts of publications can help get them to far more fascinated, hence directing these people to read through is certain to get easier.

start teaching children reading
start teaching children reading

Family reading time is great time! As soon as you’ve ultimately selected particular reserve which can be well worth looking at, arranged a studying time schedule with the family members in particular the little ones. If you opt for learn how you can start teaching your children to read quiet reading, read out loud while switching turns, and giving your kids assistance when he/she is struggling with reading, no matter. It’s a terrific way to manual your children in maximizing their reading ability. Because this is a good time for the entire family, it is also a perfect time to record short video clips and make every and each time memorable.

Yet other efficient methods of educating youngsters the best way to study is via adding looking at cards around the item which they usually see and utilize. Cases are chairs, shoes, doors, fridge and also canine cage; they are the things which have basic words and are well-known at home. By the opportunity that they get closer to any of such, they’ll see the word and will associate it to the object the word is written into. Display credit cards are useful within these measures because it can provide them actual experiences as well. In reality, it’s a very pleasurable method to teach your son or daughter to read.

Take some time to learn together with your youngsters, for at least fifteen minutes daily. They’ll find out the basics of reading, as you point your finger in every word that you read. It is a great introductory technique for any parent to use. You will certainly be extremely impressed at anything they are likely to attain within Fifteen minutes each and every time!